The Jack K. Williams Library offers classic books, unique historical manuscripts, artwork, and artifacts pertaining to the ocean and maritime culture and Texas history.


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  • Texas Clipper Badges 

    Unknown author (1965)
    Texas Clipper badges attached to the smoke stack of the ship sometime after it was acquired in 1965.
  • George P. Mitchell Statue 

    Hester, Jay (2016)
    Texas A&M University at Galveston exists due, in large part, to the generosity and philanthropy of native Galvestonian and Aggie George P. Mitchell, '40. In 1968 Mr. Mitchell donated the land upon which the campus sits and ...
  • Texas Clipper II Life Ring 

    Unknown author
    Life ring from the Texas Clipper II.
  • Jack K. Williams Portrait 

    Unknown author (1986)
    Plaque reads: Jack Kenny Williams Library. Dedicated in recognition of this distinguished educator, scholar, administrator and devoted friend and staunch supporter of Texas A&M University at Galveston. November 1, 1986.
  • Reveille 

    Unknown author (2004)
    Photo of the sailboat Reveille.
  • Gypsy Moth 

    Unknown author (2004)
    Photo of the sailboat Gypsy Moth.
  • Texas Clipper Oars 

    Unknown author
    Bright orange oars from the Texas Clipper.
  • Department of Oceanography Seals 

    Unknown author
    Department of Oceanography seals, possibly from a ship.
  • Texas Clipper Wheel 

    Unknown author
    Original wheel from Texas Clipper I from the Clipper engine room.
  • Texas Clipper Life Ring 

    Unknown author
    Life ring from the Texas Clipper. Included are a series of pictures of the Texas Clipper and other ships.
  • Sailing Trophy Cases 

    Unknown author
    Sailing trophies, located in two cases. Many of these are trophies from the Harvest Moon Regatta.
  • Texas Clipper Gangway Plank 

    Unknown author
    Large sign used on the gangway of the Texas Clipper I.
  • U.S.S. Constitution Ship Model 

    Unknown author
    On loan from the Houston Maritime Museum. In a large case with description of the ship.
  • Texas Clipper Painting 

    Anysen, Harry (1986)
    Painting of the TS Texas Clipper by Harry Anysen, State Artist of Texas from 1980-1981.
  • Unnamed Ship Model 

    Unknown author
    Tall ship model.
  • Jones Mural 

    Jones, Joe (1955)
    Untitled mural. Oil on canvas (13 ft. x 3 ft.) by Joe Jones (b. 1909, St. Louis, Mo.-d. 1963, Morristown, New Jersey). Originally installed in 1955 by American Export Lines aboard its cargo-passenger ship SS Excambion, ...
  • Surprise Ship Model 

    Unknown author
    Donated by the family of Michael M. Krider, Class of ’73.
  • Texas Clipper Model 

    Gooby, Joe (1993)
    Joe Gooby (Bosun on the ship) always known as just “Gooby”, built this model of the Texas Clipper while on cruise.
  • Laffite Society January Meeting 

    Laffite Society (2017-01-10)
    Video of the January meeting of the Laffite Society.
  • Laffite Society December Meeting 

    Laffite Society (2016-12-11)
    Video of the December meeting of the Laffite Society.

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