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  • Soundings 

    Galveston Bay Foundation (Galveston Bay Foundation, 1989)
    This is the newsletter for the Galveston Bay Foundation. Begun in 1989 with volume 1 issue 1 being called Newsletter. Next issues as "Soundings" or "Bay Soundings". Many individual items are cited here in the Bibliography ...
  • Armand Bayou Watershed Partnership Meeting 

    -- (Armand Bayou Watershed Partnership, 2012-10)
    Meeting announcement for Partnership on Tuesday, November 13, 2012. Speakers: Commissioner Jack Morman, Tim Tietjens, Ron Stein, Roger Miranda, Aubin Phillips.
  • Development of hurricane flood protection for Texas City, Texas 

    Murphy, Wayne M.; Geelan, Charles William (U.S. Army Engineer District, Galveston, Corps of Engineers, 1965)
    The purpose of this paper is to present the hydraulic problems relating to the computation of hurricane surge, hurricane waves, runup of the waves for providing hurricane flood protection at Texas City, Texas, as well as ...
  • Galveston Bay Area, Texas. Navigation Study 

    U.S. Army Engineer District, Corps of Engineers, Galveston, Texas Galveston. (2012-02-06)
    Galveston Bay, the largest inland bay on the Texas coast, provides access to the principal ports of Houston, Texas City, and Galveston. The purpose of this comprehensive navigation study is to investigate the existing ...
  • Impact of oil pollution on marine populations, communities, and ecosystems: a summing up 

    Clark, R. B. (London: The Royal Society, 1982)
    The Discussion Meeting revealed a considerable divergence of views. Present evidence suggests that oil pollution may have serious local and temporary consequences, but they are no greater, and generally less than natural ...
  • Texas Water 

    Woolsey, Barbara (2012-02-06)
    This is a series of activities designed to introduce students to Texas water facts and water issues.
  • Contaminant levels in sediment and biota in the Gulf of Mexico estuaries 

    Summers, J.K.; Heard, R.; Gaston, G. (Gulf of Mexico Program, Stennis, Mississippi, 1993)
    In 1991 the Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program (EMAP) initiated a long-term monitoring program to assess the ecological status and long-term trends of the estuaries of the Louisianian Province. The Louisianian ...
  • Sediment quality and toxic inputs to the Gulf of Mexico 

    Fox, Catherine A. (Gulf of Mexico Program, Stennis, Mississippi, 1993)
    States bordering the Gulf of Mexico discharge hundreds of thousands of pounds of toxic pollutants into the Gulf waters each year. Most notable are Texas and Louisiana, with their massive petrochemical complexes that ...
  • Shoreline erosion education: a hands on approach 

    Seidensticker, Eddie; Nailon, Robert W. (Gulf of Mexico Program, Stennis, Mississippi, 1993)
    The authors are concerned with involving both the public and educators in conservation activities. The authors train volunteers in wetland creation methods using smooth cordgrass, Spartina alterniflora.
  • Dunes day in Brazoria County 

    Moss, Charles G. (Gulf of Mexico Program, Stennis, Mississippi, 1993)
    Description of a project to build and stabilize the sand dunes along Brazoria County, Texas' coastline
  • Cooperative habitat creation efforts in Galveston Bay, Texas 

    Shead, Linda R. (Stennis MS: Gulf of Mexico Program Office, 1993)
    For three years the Galveston Bay Foundation has coordinated a cooperative effort to plant smooth cordgrass marsh for habitat creation and shoreline erosion protection.
  • Throwaway reefs 

    Dunn, Gail (Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine, 1993-12)
    A Texas company is using coal ash waste from power plants to build saltwater artifcial reefs. The coal ash is being recycled instead of being disposed of in a landfill, and the reefs create important underwater habitat ...
  • Proceedings of the Ninth Biennial State of the Bay Symposium; what is needed to sustain our estuary? 

    Unknown author (Galveston Bay Estuary Program, 2009-01-12)
    The Galveston Bay Estuary Program, a non-regulatory program administered by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, and its partners work together to implement tThe Galveston Bay Plan, a 20-year, science-based plant ...
  • Differential Holocene sea level changes over the globe; evidence for glacial eustasy, geoidal eustasy, and crustal movements 

    Morner, Nils-Axel (1984-06)
    The old theory of eustasy implied that the eustatic ocean level was displaced up and down simultaneously and equally over the globe. Due to the geoid deformation, however, two eustatic levels are never quite parallel. ...
  • Marine drilling exploration; technical and environmental criteria for rig selection 

    Krupa, Steven L; Watson, Ian (1984-06)
    The appropriate rig for offshore drilling is not necessarily the Glomar Challenger of the Discoverer Seven Seas, but rather the combination of equipment that best fits the budget and requirements of the project under ...
  • Cysts of the Thecate Dinoflagellate Fragilidium, Balech ex Loeblich 

    Norris, Dean R; Owen, Kevin C (1984-06)
    Motile, thecate dinoflagellates of the genus Fragilidium excysted under laboratory conditions from two types of morphologically distinct hypnocysts, isolated from sediments of the Indian River lagoon, Brevard County, ...
  • Shelfwater response to the cold winters of 1977 and 1978 in the South Atlantic Bight (SAB) 

    Pashuk, Oleg; Mathews, Thomas D (1984-06)
    Hydrographic data from winter and summer cruises during the 1976 and 1979 period were used to illustrate atypical oceanographic conditions in the SAB, especially during the cold winters of 1977 and 1978. During this period ...
  • Geomorphic recovery of the Chandeleur Islands, Louisiana, after a major hurricane 

    Kahn, Jacob H (1984-06)
    The processes of geomorphic change in the Chandeleur Islands, Louisiana, were monitored for two years after the passage of Hurricane Frederic in September 1979. Rates of beach accretion and hurricane-channel closure on ...
  • Improving coastal resource management; a strategy to integrate impacts 

    Fischer, David W (1984-06)
    Coastal resource management strategies sometimes fail when they do not integrate development impacts into the existing ad hoc approach to coastal management. This paper outlines a set of strategies coastal developers may ...
  • Alternate interpretations of barrier island evolution; Apalachicola coast, Northwest Florida 

    Otvos, Ervin G (1984-06)
    The transgressive-regressive sequences of two Quarternary [Sangamon and Late Holocene] high sea level episodes were identified in numerous island, lagoon, and mainland drillholes from Apalachicola area core samples. As ...

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