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Faculty Scholarly Works
Library Special Collections, Marine and Maritime Collection
  • Comparative analysis of the flexural stiffness of pinniped vibrissae 

    Unknown author (PLOS ONE, 2015-05)
    Vibrissae are important components of the mammalian tactile sensory system and are used to detect vibrotactile stimuli in the environment. Pinnipeds have the largest and most highly innervated vibrissae among mammals, and ...
  • The Red Record 

    Unknown author (Coast Seamen's Journal Print, 1897)
    This pamphlet presents a concise and vivid view of one phase of the American seaman's life. Considerations, not only of humanity, but of business expediency, as evidenced by the growing scarcity of seamen, demand public ...
  • What is Being Done? 

    Sand 'N Sea Properties (2015)
  • All About Seaweed 

    Sand 'N Sea Properties; Wardle, William J. (2015)
  • Places to Bird Watch on the Upper Coast 

    Sand 'N Sea Properties (2015)

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