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Faculty Scholarly Works
Library Special Collections, Marine and Maritime Collection
ShoreNet: Beach and Coastal Management InfoCommunity
  • Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Final Phase IV Early Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessments 

    Deepwater Horizon Natural Resource Trustees (2015-09)
    This document (Final Phase IV ERP/EA), prepared jointly by State and Federal Trustees, serves as a Final Phase IV Early Restoration Plan under OPA, and also contains the associated assessment for each project under the ...
  • Galveston Bay Information Center Bibliography Standards Manual 

    Galveston Bay Information Center (Galveston Bay Information Center, 2006)
    Manual includes the following tabs: Accession #, call #, author, title, item type, location date, geo keywords, subject terms abstract, physical descrip, acq. date, acq. source, entry center, history, university, editor, ...
  • Galveston Bay Information Center Instruction Manual 

    Galveston Bay Information Center (Galveston Bay Information Center, 2008)
    Manual includes the following tabs: position description, general information, inventory/passwords, orientation to office, training, daily/monthly/quarterly operating notes, library mgt. procedures, cataloging info, account ...
  • Comparative Analysis of the Flexural Stiffness of Pinniped Vibrissae 

    Ginter Summarell, Carly; Ingole, Sudeep; Fish, Frank; Marshall, Christopher (PLOS ONE, 2015-07-06)
    Vibrissae are important components of the mammalian tactile sensory system and are used to detect vibrotactile stimuli in the environment. Pinnipeds have the largest and most highly innervated vibrissae among mammals, and ...
  • Gulf of Mexico Regional Transportation Management Plan Map 

    GUlf of Mexico Regional Technical Working Group (U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, New Orleans Outer Continental Shelf Office, 1981)

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