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    • On Two Problems in Comparative Genomics of Eukaryotes 

      Semeiks, Jeremy Raymond (2013-05-23)
      The recent advent of whole-genome sequencing allows us to use novel comparative methods to explore the genetic bases for traits of interest. Here, I present two case studies of such methods applied to eukaryote genomes. The ...
    • Optimization and Analysis of Weighted-Window Predictors of Structural Disorder in Proteins 

      Holladay, Nathan Brent (2007-05-22)
      X-ray crystallographic protein structures often contain disordered regions that are observed as missing electron density. We have developed single sequence and profile-based weighted-window predictors of structural disorder ...
    • Towards Prediction of Phenotype from Genotype 

      Cong, Qian; 0000-0002-8909-0414 (2017-04-14)
      Predicting phenotype from genotype represents the epitome of biological questions. As a multiscale problem, it starts from predicting exons and culminates with modeling of whole organisms. Focusing on the molecular level, ...