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  • 1.013 

    Powell & Lealand. (2012-02-07)
    This instrument is one of the earlier achromatic microscopes produced by Powell & Lealand shortly after they formed their partnership in 1841. The instrument is supported by a double pillar and a flat tripod. The body-tube ...
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    Powell & Lealand. (2012-02-07)
    The instrument, referred to as "Student's Compound Microscope" in Powell & Lealand catalogs, has a cast-iron foot and limb, painted black. It is also called the "iron" microscope. The limb supports the stage and the ...
  • 1.037 

    Powell & Lealand. (2012-02-07)
    Based on a new model introduced in 1843, this all brass instrument rests on a tripod, with the limb moving on the trunnions and supporting the body-tube and stage. The model served as the basis of the company's instrument ...