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Brownsville History Harvest
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  • Detection of gravitational wave signals from NS-NS inspirals in presence of non-stationary noise 

    Wang, Wenhui (2015-03-05)
    Wang, Wenhui , “Detection Of Gravitational Wave Signals From NS-NS Inspirals In Presence Of Non-Stationary Noise”, Master of Science Thesis, University of Texas at Brownsville, Brownsville, TX, 2014 Gravitational ...
  • Stakeholders' perceptions of parental involvement and home-school connections in a South Texas border town 

    Lopez, Cynthia A. (2015-03-03)
    Latinos have a high amount of individuals residing in poverty, and, yet, are still the fastest growing minority group in the nation (Gandara & Contreras, 2009; National Council of La Raza, 2014). For some families, living ...
  • Photo 2 

    Unknown (2015-03-03)
    Photo of grandfather Moises Guerrero on the shore in Japan during WWII; taken in 1942-46 at Okinawa, Japan.
  • Photo 1 

    Unknown (2015-03-03)
    Photo of grandfather Moises Guerrero age 26; WWII; taken in 1942-46 at the Philippines.
  • Map of Fort Brown 2 

    Unknown (2015-02-23)
    Photo of map of Fort Brown; War Department; General Plan; Major Corps of Engineers Dir.; Engineering Division; U.S. Army; Fort Brown drill field, clinic area, City park area, Fort Brown Memorial Park; Fort Brown Resaca, ...

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