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Brownsville History Harvest
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University Archives UTB
  • Currency Bill 3 

    Unknown (2015-05-21)
    Image of 1953 $2.00 bill.
  • Currency Bill 2 

    Unknown (2015-05-21)
    Image of 1934 $20.00 bill.
  • Currency Bill 

    Unknown (2015-05-21)
    Image of 1934 $10.00 bill.
  • Picture 1 

    Unknown (2015-05-21)
    Photo: left to right top row; Pete I Munoz, Mark Anthony Munoz; left to right bottom row: Kimberly Ann Munoz, Michael Munoz; taking in 2012 at Brownsville, Texas.
  • Picture 4 

    Unknown (2015-05-21)
    Photo of Fannie Kahn Marks and husband Adolph Marks; taken in 1878 at Cincinnati, Ohio.

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