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  • Developing a Methodology to Prioritize Texas Watersheds for Environmental Restoration Efforts 

    Jacobs, Jennifer H.; Srinivasan, R. (Texas Water Resources Institute, 2003-12)
    During the past 150 years, several Texas watersheds have undergone significant changes that affect land use, the amount of water flowing through these systems, water quality, and the numbers and types of fish and aquatic ...
  • Estimated Benefits of IBWC Rio Grande Flood-Control Projects in the United States 

    Villalobos, Joshua I.; Srinivasan, R.; Sheng, Z.; Staats, Chris; Robinson, John R.C.; Morrison, Wendy; McGuckin, James T.; Madison, W. Tom; Jacobs, Jennifer H.; Freeman, Roger; Eriksson, Marian; Assadian, Naomi; Rister, M. Edward; Michelsen, Dr. Ari; Lacewell, Ronald D.; Sturdivant, Allen W. (Texas Water Resources Institute, 2004-09)
    The International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC) is responsible for maintaining a series of flood-control projects beginning in New Mexico and extending along the Rio Grande’s international border dividing the ...
  • Installation of River and Drain Instrumentation Stations to Monitor Flow and Water Quality and Internet Data Sharing 

    Fahy, M. P.; Michelsen, A.; Srinivasan, R.; Creel, B.; Brown, C.; Sheng, Z. (Texas Water Resources Institute, 2008-08)
    Over the last five years, the Paso del Norte Watershed Council’s Coordinated Water Resources Database and GIS Project (Project) was developed to provide improved access to regional water resources data for regional water ...