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    • Economic Implications of Biological Control of Arundo donax in the Texas Rio Grande Basin 

      Seawright, Emily; Rister, M. Edward; Lacewell, Ronald; McCorkie, Dean; Sturdivant, Allen; Goolsby, John; Yang, Chenghai; Harris, B.L. (Texas Water Resources Institute, 2009-11)
      ABSTRACT Arundo donax, or giant reed, is a large, bamboo-like plant that is native to Spain and has invaded several thousand acres of the Rio Grande riparian zone in Texas and Mexico. The plant grows to over 26 feet ...
    • Expected Economic Benefits of the El Morillo Drain 

      Seawright, Emily; Rogers, Callie; DuBois, Megan; Sturdivant, Allen W.; Rister, M. Edward; Lacewell, Ronald D. (Texas Water Resources Institute, 2007-01-02)
      The study of the benefits (damages averted) attributable to the El Morillo Drain encompasses U.S. municipalities, industry, and agriculture. It is conservatively estimated that the annual direct benefits to residents of ...