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    • Estimated Benefits of IBWC Rio Grande Flood-Control Projects in the United States 

      Villalobos, Joshua I.; Srinivasan, R.; Sheng, Z.; Staats, Chris; Robinson, John R.C.; Morrison, Wendy; McGuckin, James T.; Madison, W. Tom; Jacobs, Jennifer H.; Freeman, Roger; Eriksson, Marian; Assadian, Naomi; Rister, M. Edward; Michelsen, Dr. Ari; Lacewell, Ronald D.; Sturdivant, Allen W. (Texas Water Resources Institute, 2004-09)
      The International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC) is responsible for maintaining a series of flood-control projects beginning in New Mexico and extending along the Rio Grande’s international border dividing the ...
    • Update of Estimated Agricultural Benefits Attributable to Drainage and Flood Control in Willacy County, Texas 

      Zinn, Michele; Ribera, Luis; Sturdivant, Allen; Rister, Ed; Petit, David; Freeman, Roger; Lacewell, Ronald D. (Texas Water Resources Institute, 2006)
      This study presents an economic analysis of agricultural benefits attributable to a proposed drainage project which includes on farm systems, laterals (ditches) and major canals designed to lower the groundwater table ...