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    • Brush Management/Water Yield Feasibility Study for Four Watersheds In Texas 

      Arnold, Jeff G.; Srinivasan, Raghavan; Dugas, William A.; Rosenthal, Wes; Muttiah, Ranjan S.; Amonett, Carl; Dybala, Tim; Bednarz, Steven T. (Texas Water Resources Institute, 2003)
      The Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) model was used to simulate the effects of brush removal on water yield in four watersheds in Texas for 1960 through 1999. Methods used in this study were similar to methods used ...
    • Ecosystem and Wildlife Implications of Brush: Management System Designed to Improve Water Runoff and Percolation 

      Jarboe, Hank; Griffith, Rebecca; Dybala, Tim; Bednarz, Steve; Amonett, Carl; Wilkins, Neal; Zinn, Michele; Winemiller, Kirk O.; Srinivasan, Raghavan; Rosenthal, Wes; Olenick, Keith; Muttiah, Ranjan; Magness, Dawn; Hejl, Sallie; Dugas, William; Conner, Richard; Arrington, D. Albrey (Texas Water Resources Institute, 2002-11-01)
      With the settlement of Texas and establishment of ranchers to produce cattle, there was an effort to maximize beef production. This caused serious overgrazing. In addition, there was a reduced incidence of fires across the ...