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  • Aquatic Life and Habitat Inventory Assessment 

    Belzer, Wayne (Texas Water Resources Institute, 2007-07)
    Traditionally, water quality monitoring has been focused on chemical attributes such as mineral content, metals, and other contaminants. Biological monitoring is becoming more frequently utilized to assess overall ecological ...
  • Identifying and Characterizing the Volume and Quality of Tributaries and Springs 

    Belzer, Wayne; Hart, Charles (Texas Water Resources Institute, 2007-05)
    In order to identify potential salinity sources, it was necessary to locate and characterize the potential impact of perennial and intermittent tributaries into the Pecos River. A study to determine water quantity, ...
  • Reconnaissance Survey of Salt Sources and Loading into the Pecos River 

    Belzer, Wayne; Anaya, Gilbert; Hatler, Will; McDonald, Alyson; Anand, Shilpa; Yuan, Fasong; Miyamoto, S. (Texas Water Resources Institute, 2006)
    The Pecos River of southeastern New Mexico and west Texas is among the saltiest rivers in North America with streamflow salinity regularly exceeding 7,000 mg L-1 at the New Mexico and Texas border, and eventually exceeding ...