Examining teacher hoped-for selves among pre-service, new, and experienced teachers

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Title: Examining teacher hoped-for selves among pre-service, new, and experienced teachers
Author: Chan, Yoke Meng
Abstract: The concept of possible selves is used to examine differences among teachers based on level of teaching experience . Possible selves are future -oriented selves that individuals believe they might become , would like to become , and are afraid of becoming : these selves may influence the motivation and self -regulation of current and future behavior . Teacher hoped -for selves are future -oriented self -concepts that teachers may have about themselves in their professional educator role . The concept of teacher possible selves is used to examine teachers' motivation -to -teach in high -poverty schools where teacher turnover represents a significant problem affecting student achievement . Data was collected from a sample of 236 pre -service , new , and experienced teachers . Analysis of variance and multiple regression were used to identify differences among the three groups . The results showed significant differences for teacher efficacy beliefs but non -significant differences for teacher hoped -for selves and teacher optimism . Post -hoc comparisons revealed significant differences in teacher efficacy beliefs between experienced teachers and pre -service teachers , and between experienced teachers and new teachers . The lack of differences in possible selves may be due to differences with the groups themselves . Cross and Markus found large variations among college -age participants concerning possible career selves . College -age preservice and new teachers may also have a similar characteristic that masks potential differences among the groups . Results from multiple regression analyses revealed that teacher efficacy was the only significant predictor for teacher hoped -for selves . This finding may indicate that teacher hoped -for self may be based on information similar to that from which judgments about teaching efficacy are drawn . This finding also provides an avenue for future research concerning teacher motivation to work in high -poverty settings . The findings reported in this study may be due , in part to under -development of the Teacher Possible Selves Questionnaire . Future research should use exploratory factor analysis to examine the dimensions of the measure . The integration of mixed methods to examine teacher hoped -for selves would also strengthen the contribution of the study .
URI: http : / /hdl .handle .net /2346 /9151
Date: 2006-08


Chan, Yoke Meng Examining teacher hoped-for selves among pre-service, new, and experienced teachers. Doctoral dissertation, Texas Tech University. Available electronically from http : / /hdl .handle .net /2346 /9151 .

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