A catalog: the Robert L.B. Tobin Collection: scene designs: 16th through 19th centuries

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Title: A catalog: the Robert L.B. Tobin Collection: scene designs: 16th through 19th centuries
Author: Ellis, Morris Ray
Abstract: This work entailed collecting available data , photographing , and cataloging of all the original renderings and lithographs of scene designs from the sixteenth through the nineteenth centuries held In the Robert L . B . Tobin Collection . Chapter One of the Catalog begins with a brief biographical sketch of Mr . Tobin , which describes his developing Interest In scene design and relates the purpose of the Collection . This information Is followed by a short description of the Identifying characteristics of each of the following major art movements in scene design : Renaissance , Baroque , Rococo , Neo -Classical , and Romantic art movements . Chapter Two of the Catalog contains 337 entries that are classified as to their respective artistic movements according to the artist's dates and Identifying characteristics of the Individual designs . Information about the artists Includes their names , birth and death dates , and short biographical sketches . Each design has been given a figure number which corresponds to plate numbers In Chapter Three , and , when available , a descriptive title , a production title , act and scene number , date of work , the lithographers who actually struck the designs in lithographic form , and annotations . Other information given for all designs is the types of media used , dimensions of the work , and the Tobin Accession Number . Chapter Three consists of photographs of the original renderings and lithography works held In the Collection .' Under each photograph is the following information : a figure number , and when available the designer's name , the production title , and the act and scene numbers . Chapter Four describes the value of the Catalog . The Tobin Collection would prove to be a valuable resource tool for anyone studying the art and history of scene design . The Collection Illustrates the development of the physical stage facilities , the types of spectacle , the subject matter of the opera , ballet , and drama , and the variety of stage decor . It also reveals how design techniques changed in subject matter , style of decor , and individual drawing and rendering manner . This Collection is Important to the world of scene design because it provides a pictorial history as well as an insight Into the evolution of scenic design as an art form .
URI: http : / /hdl .handle .net /2346 /8791
Date: 1987-12


Ellis, Morris Ray A catalog: the Robert L.B. Tobin Collection: scene designs: 16th through 19th centuries. Doctoral dissertation, Texas Tech University. Available electronically from http : / /hdl .handle .net /2346 /8791 .

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