Effects of magnetic fields on sperm parameters

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Title: Effects of magnetic fields on sperm parameters
Author: Barron, Christine
Abstract: With one -in -seven couples requiring assistance to conceive , more and more semen samples are being potentially being exposed to Electromagnetic fields (EMF ) during processing . EMF’s are present everywhere in society . People are exposed to electromagnetic fields everyday . Not only are there are natural electromagnetic fields that are found which include thunderstorms and the Earth’s own magnetic field , but there are many man -made electromagnetic fields that many people are exposed to during both periods of work and leisure . Examples of possible EMF producers would include the expected : X -ray equipment , laboratory equipment , and even computers , to the unexpected and used everyday : cell phones , hairdryers , and TVs . As defined by the World Health Organization (WHO ) , an electric field is a field that is created by differences in voltages and magnetic field is a field that is created when electric current flows . Once the sperm have been collected into the container , many samples are placed in an incubator to keep the sample warm until it can be analyzed or processed . Samples may also have to be centrifuged as part of processing . Both of these instruments give off an electromagnetic field . In the present experiment semen samples were exposed to the electromagnetic field that is given off by laboratory equipment (incubators and centrifuges ) is enough to be detrimental to the sperm . Six pig semen samples were obtained from the TTU swine farm in New Deal , TX . Samples were processed and exposed to EMF consistent with the time semen sample might be proceed . The samples were then monitored for motility , forward progress and acrosome reaction at various times over 24 hrs . Data analysis is pending . Preliminary results do show that on comparison of forward progression and motility , there is little difference between the centrifuge and the control . If these experiments show any effect , there should be follow up studies done to see if the results can be reproduced and suggest changes labs can institute to lessen EMF exposure in the reproductive laboratory .
URI: http : / /hdl .handle .net /2346 /22400
Date: 2007-12


Effects of magnetic fields on sperm parameters. Master's thesis, Texas Tech University. Available electronically from http : / /hdl .handle .net /2346 /22400 .

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