Studies on perchlorate filtration by fabric filters

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Title: Studies on perchlorate filtration by fabric filters
Author: Barathamani, Kavitha
Abstract: The environment enveloping the earth , acts as the life supporting media for all living organisms on the world . It is important to have a trouble free environment for the well being of all living things created by the nature . The recent detection of perchlorate , a chemical radical , is one of many chemical contaminants hampering the natural balance needed for a better environment . Perchlorate is a manmade industrial byproduct ; a toxic chemical substance contaminating the ground water . The toxic effects of perchlorate on living beings have been found to be drastic and sometimes fatal . Devising perchlorate countermeasure technologies calls for engineered solutions that would remove this substance from water in a cost effective manner . An experimental study was carried out to investigate the perchlorate filtration capability of woven and nonwoven fabrics . The adsorption of the anionic reactive radical (C104' ) by fabrics that act as the filter medium has been determined using ion chromatography . Commercially available woven and nonwoven fabrics with specific characteristics were used as the experimental filter medium in the study . The filtration ability of the countermeasures medium in removing the perchlorate anion was analyzed and compared with the other fabrics used in the study . Results showed that among the various woven and nonwoven fabrics used as filters , activated carbon fabrics having high carbon deposition were found to exhibit the highest ability to adsorb perchlorate ions in the filtration process . This work has shown that textile fabrics can serve as perchlorate filter mediums contrary to the results available in the public domain . Moreover , the fabric filtration treatment method has been proven to be effective in removing perchlorate from the contaminated medium in a simple and effective manner .
URI: http : / /hdl .handle .net /2346 /15303
Date: 2004-05


Studies on perchlorate filtration by fabric filters. Master's thesis, Texas Tech University. Available electronically from http : / /hdl .handle .net /2346 /15303 .

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