Una Vision del Mundo Indigena en la Literatura Zapoteca Contemporanea

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Title: Una Vision del Mundo Indigena en la Literatura Zapoteca Contemporanea
Author: Vazquez-Gonzalez, Leonor
Abstract: In my dissertation , I explore how this new literature characterizes the culture and worldview of the Zapotee people . I focus on collections of poetry by Mario Molina Cruz and Javier Castellanos Martínez , Volcán de Pétalos . Ya'byalhje xtak yejé , Lhu be . La raíz del viento , and Yell chia Ihen xtilla . Mi pueblo y mi palabra as well as the first indigenous novel by Javier Castellano Martínez , Cantares de los vientos primerizos . Wila che be ze Ihao . My dissertation departs from early works in the indigenista tradition , which failed to define Indians' perspectives of social problems and an Indian worldview because mestizo Mexican writers projected their vision of revolutionary México as a predominantly mestizo or Europeanized society , ignoring the Indian segment of the population . With the writings of Mario Molina Cruz and Javier Castellanos Martínez , two native Zapotec writers , I demonstrate that this new literature portrays an indigenous world , one which lacks the common violent conflict between the mainstream -mestizo national culture and the indigenous culture with the many stereotypes projected by early and mid -twentieth century indigenista literature . Posited on the importance of cultural and linguistical survival , Molina Cruz's and Castellanos Martínez's literary works reflect a strong commitment to their own political and ideological purposes as they use their texts as a means of expressing specific ideological concerns . My analysis considers the social and political circumstances under which each author worked and examines their writings in the larger context of Mexican contemporary political and historical issues . Various elements of characterization are considered in the poetry including : (a ) the woman's role ; (b ) Zapotec cultural issues ; (c ) the poetic voice ; (d ) Mexican sociopolitical issues ; and (e ) use and symbolism of nature . The analysis of Castellanos Martínez's novel is based on (a ) characters' psychological complexity ; (b ) narrative techniques ; (c ) Indigenous cultural issues ; (d ) Mexican national culture and Indigenous cultures ; (e ) the narrative viewpoint ; and (f ) Mexican sociopolitical issues . Molina Cruz and Castellanos Martínez , as well as many other Indigenous writers , are writing a new chapter of the Mexican literature . This Indigenous literature reflects real Zapotec beliefs and worldview , while concurrently demonstrating both a critique of Mexican politics and contemporary history and a self -critical awareness of their own positionality therein . Furthermore , these works serve not only as an awakening for the Indigenous population , raising their consciousness and strengthening their self -cultural affirmation , but also as a cali to the mestizo mainstream for full recognition that the Mexican nation is formed by several cultures .
URI: http : / /hdl .handle .net /2346 /15197
Date: 2003-08


Una Vision del Mundo Indigena en la Literatura Zapoteca Contemporanea. Doctoral dissertation, Texas Tech University. Available electronically from http : / /hdl .handle .net /2346 /15197 .

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