Novel designs for broadband and compact dielectric resonator antennas

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Title: Novel designs for broadband and compact dielectric resonator antennas
Author: Yadla, Rohini
Abstract: A Dielectric Resonator Antenna (DRA ) with rectangular cross section is very versatile as it provides two independent degrees of freedom . In this thesis , various excitation mechanisms for the rectangular DRA such as coaxial probe , microstrip slot , and direct microstrip feed are discussed and analyzed using High Frequency Structure Simulator (HFSS ) . The concept of a small DRA with wideband operation in the 5 -6 GHz frequency band is presented . Two new DRA configurations with U -slot and square spiral shaped slot that offer significant enhancements to parameters such as size and bandwidth are investigated . A very low profile DRA (length -to -height ratio ~ 4 ) made up of a relatively low permittivity material with broadband performance in the 8 -10 GHz band is presented . Furthermore , the effect of a metallic patch on the resonant frequency and bandwidth of the low profile DRA is investigated . A modified microstrip feed is used to excite the DRAs . The return loss , impedance characteristics and radiation patterns of the U -slot , square spiral -shaped slot , low profile and the compact DRAs are analyzed using Ansoft HFSS simulation software . The prototype and the test results for the low profile DRA and the compact DRA are discussed .
URI: http : / /hdl .handle .net /2346 /11467
Date: 2004-12


Yadla, Rohini Novel designs for broadband and compact dielectric resonator antennas. Master's thesis, Texas Tech University. Available electronically from http : / /hdl .handle .net /2346 /11467 .

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