Maternal influence on juniper consumption in boer-cross goats

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Title: Maternal influence on juniper consumption in boer-cross goats
Author: Jackson, James
Abstract: The objectives of this study were to determine if maternal influences increased redberry juniper (Junipers pinchottii Sudw . ) consumption by goats . Twenty -one Boer nannies were bred to determine the effects of maternal influences from different stages of exposure . Experiment 1 , examined the exposure in the uterus in the third trimester , Experiment 2 examined the effect of exposure through lactation . Experiment 3 , examined the mothers influence as a social role model and the last treatment group was the control . At weaning , all kids were fed juniper in individual pens at the Angelo State University Management Instruction and Research Center , San Angelo , TX . Kids were fed juniper 30 min each day for 24 days and refusals were weighed back daily to monitor intake . Following the juniper feeding , kids were fed a basal diet of alfalfa pellets (2 .5 % BW ) to meet body maintenance requirements . All kids increased intake over the 24 days of exposure . Kids that foraged with mom on juniper -dominated rangelands initially ate more juniper .
URI: http : / /hdl .handle .net /2346 .1 /30012
Date: 2012-05-12


Jackson, James Maternal influence on juniper consumption in boer-cross goats. Master's thesis, Angelo State University. Available electronically from http : / /hdl .handle .net /2346 .1 /30012 .

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