Korean EFL teachers’ perspectives about their participation in an extensive reading program

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Title: Korean EFL teachers’ perspectives about their participation in an extensive reading program
Author: Byun, Ji-hyun, 1981-
Abstract: The purpose of this research was to explore the overall perceptions of EFL teachers toward the extensive reading approach as they experienced the approach first hand . More particularly , EFL teachers’ perspectives on the applicability issues of extensive reading for secondary level curriculum in Korea were captured . Also , their personal experience with the approach , including the effect of extensive reading on their foreign language anxiety , was investigated . A total of fourteen teachers in a professional development program participated in the study . They were situated in a print -affluent classroom replete with approximately 1000 books including graded readers , young adult books , some magazines , best sellers and steady seller books . In the reading program , the teachers experienced sustained silent reading , and participated in classroom discussion and activities related to extensive reading . Also , these teachers were strongly encouraged to do outside reading . Data were collected from multiple sources to enhance the credibility of the study , that is , classroom observation including field notes and audio recordings , learner diaries , and interviews . Three surveys were also administered - - the Foreign Language Reading Anxiety Scale , The Teacher Foreign Language Anxiety Scale , and the Affective Questionnaire to Extensive Reading . The findings from the study showed that although the teachers were somewhat resistant to the idea of reading English -language books extensively prior to their participation , they became proponents of the approach once they had the experience of pleasure reading . They also expressed a fondness for graded readers and literature for young adults because of the simplified language and appealing themes that characterize such reading materials , and were willing to introduce them to students in secondary schools . Teachers also recognized the linguistic benefits of extensive reading including vocabulary expansion , positive reading attitude , and a sense of accomplishment from reading extensively . In terms of the applicability issue , however , the participating teachers recommended introducing the approach gradually rather than implementing it immediately , mainly because of the test -emphasized classroom culture of the secondary level curriculum in Korea . In a similar vein , teachers also addressed problematic factors that would be considered an obstacle to bringing the approach to the secondary curriculum . Those obstacles were problems related to curriculum and evaluation , motivating reluctant and struggling students , and teachers’ conflicted role in the extensive reading class . Therefore , as mentioned earlier , they proposed a gradual approach and the use of extra -curricular activities was mentioned as a possible first step to take . Regarding the effect of extensive reading on foreign language anxiety , the data from the scale and from interviews indicated that participating teachers were not highly anxious even prior to the program .
URI: http : / /hdl .handle .net /2152 /ETD -UT -2010 -08 -1634
Date: 2010-12-03


Korean EFL teachers’ perspectives about their participation in an extensive reading program. Doctoral dissertation, University of Texas at Austin. Available electronically from http : / /hdl .handle .net /2152 /ETD -UT -2010 -08 -1634 .

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