Development of an endoscopic irrigation pump experience with Byrne Medical, Inc.

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Title: Development of an endoscopic irrigation pump experience with Byrne Medical, Inc.
Author: Cheng, Lui
Abstract: As an intern with Byrne Medical Inc . , I took part in several development and validation projects for medical products . A design project for a medical irrigation pump for endoscopic procedure is the focus for my Doctor of Engineering degree . This project represents the scope and depth of a typical design project for a medical device . In this dissertation , a summary of motors used in current medical irrigation pumps available in the market , as well as their flow rates , is presented . A procedure of typical product design process is followed and a working prototype of endoscopic irrigation pump is designed and fabricated . The objective of the project was to design and fabricate a working prototype of a medical irrigation pump to be used for endoscopic procedures with standard videoscopes in the medical field . Currently there are no irrigation pumps that satisfy physicians ? ? ? ? ? ? needs . By manufacturing their own pump , Byrne Medical would be able to select a host of the positive features noted on other pumps and combine those features into a single pump that fits both the technical and user needs . The author made improvements in the areas of appearance , size , usability , functionality , product life , and ability to vary motor speed , and therefore the flow rate . Flow rate of the prototype was tested by measuring the amount of water it was able to pump per minute (milliliter per minute ) . Each tubing set was attached and secured onto the prototype unit and adjust the speed control to the maximum flow . The power switch was turned on and the pump was running continuously for twenty seconds . Water was collected and weighted with a digital scale . The amount of water (in pounds ) per twenty seconds was then converted to milliliter per minute . Physicians in the GI (Gastroenterology ) suites prefer an irrigation pump that rotates backward when they turn the power off to prevent the sterile water from dripping . A Multi -function Timer (model H3DE -M2 ) manufactured by Omron was selected for future improvement . A working prototype (previously fabricated ) was tested with this DPDT timer and the result proved the improvement was achievable .
URI: http : / /hdl .handle .net /1969 .1 /5986
Date: 2007-09-17


Development of an endoscopic irrigation pump experience with Byrne Medical, Inc.. Available electronically from http : / /hdl .handle .net /1969 .1 /5986 .

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