Machine augmented composite materials for damping purposes

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dc.contributor.advisor Reddy , J . N . en_US
dc.contributor.committeeMember Perry , William en_US
dc.creator McCutcheon , David Matthew en_US 2005 -02 -17T21 :04 :04Z 2014 -02 -19T18 :37 :21Z 2005 -02 -17T21 :04 :04Z 2014 -02 -19T18 :37 :21Z 2004 -12 en_US 2005 -02 -17T21 :04 :04Z
dc.identifier.uri http : / /hdl .handle .net /1969 .1 /1521
dc.description.abstract In this study the energy dissipation performance of machine augmented composite (MAC ) materials is investigated . MAC materials are formed by inserting simple machines into a matrix material . In this work the machines take the form of fluid filled tubes , and the tube cross -sectional geometry induces fluid flow when it is deformed in its plane . This flow dissipates mechanical energy , and thus provides the composite material with attractive damping properties . The objective of this study is to gain insight into the geometry , the material property combinations , and the boundary conditions that are effective in producing high damping MAC materials . Particular attention is given to tube geometry and to dimensionless parameters that govern the energy dissipation efficiency of a MAC lamina . An important dimensionless parameter is the ratio of solid elastic moduli to the product of the driving frequency and the fluid dynamic viscosity . This is a measure of the ratio of elastic forces in the solid material to the viscous forces in the fluid material that makes up a MAC lamina . Governing equations and simulation methods are discussed . Simplified equations are derived to predict the pressure generated when a tube /matrix cell is squeezed with zero pressure end conditions . Transient , three dimensional finite element models are also used to predict the performance of the damping MAC materials with zero pressure at the ends of the tubes . For the geometry and material properties considered , the highest energy dissipation efficiency predicted by these models is approximately 0 .8 out of a maximum of 1 .0 . en_US
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dc.publisher Texas A &M University en_US
dc.subject Machine Augmented Composites en_US
dc.title Machine augmented composite materials for damping purposes en_US
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dc.type.genre Electronic Thesis en_US
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Machine augmented composite materials for damping purposes. Available electronically from http : / /hdl .handle .net /1969 .1 /1521 .

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