Key Competences And Academic Achievement In Mexican High School Technological Education

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dc.contributor Arevalo -deLeon , Jose Antonio en_US 2008 -08 -08T02 :31 :15Z 2011 -08 -24T21 :41 :39Z 2008 -08 -08T02 :31 :15Z 2011 -08 -24T21 :41 :39Z 2008 -08 -08T02 :31 :15Z April 2008 en_US
dc.identifier.uri http : / /hdl .handle .net /10106 /979
dc.description.abstract The general purpose of the study was to determine the relation between key competences and academic achievement in technological high school students in the state of Nuevo Leon . This dissertation was based in the contributions and investigations made from the approach of one of the contemporary theories of human capital . Human capital is the result of three fundamental aspects , recognized in the contemporary literature as key competences . These key competences are language , formal reasoning and mathematical skills . This study was a secondary data analysis . The dependant variable was academic achievement , represented by the GPA . The independent variables were the key competences , represented by verbal abilities , the capacity for mathematics learning and formal reasoning , measured trough an standardized test delivered by COSNET and applied to all the appliers for enrollment in the technological education system in the state of Nuevo Leon (DGETI ) . The sample were first year students enrolled in DGETI schools in the state of Nuevo Leon that applied for the enrollment evaluation for high school in January 2006 . The final sample includes a number of 1610 students . Several descriptive and inferential procedures were performed for the data processing . Test of univariate and multivariate normality were conducted . A confirmatory analysis of first order validated the model factors for the exogenous sub -scales . A confirmatory analysis from the factorial measure model of key competences and an evaluation of the structural modeling trough the structural equation modeling (SEM ) were conducted . The results of this research study showed that only two of the factors , verbal ability and mathematics ability , were validated in the measurement model . These key competences explain academic achievement . Verbal ability is the key competence that best explained academic achievement . en_US
dc.language.iso EN en_US
dc.publisher Social Work en_US
dc.title Key Competences And Academic Achievement In Mexican High School Technological Education en_US
dc.type Ph .D . en_US


Key Competences And Academic Achievement In Mexican High School Technological Education. Available electronically from http : / /hdl .handle .net /10106 /979 .

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