The Magical Sublime: A New-old Lens On Magical Realism

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dc.contributor Sasser , Kim Danielle en_US 2007 -08 -23T01 :56 :55Z 2011 -08 -24T21 :40 :46Z 2007 -08 -23T01 :56 :55Z 2011 -08 -24T21 :40 :46Z 2007 -08 -23T01 :56 :55Z December 2006 en_US
dc.identifier.uri http : / /hdl .handle .net /10106 /534
dc.description.abstract While magical realist critics often refer to magical realism's generic heritage of primitive cultures and indigenous mythology , Franz Roh's magischer realismus , and Surrealism , I will point to the sublime as a less recognized lineage , yet one which offers equally fruitful insights . Magical realism employs many elements of the sublime , such as astonishment and the alternation between the two phases of pain and pleasure , but perhaps most valuable in this comparative analysis is the sublime's offering new perspectives which illuminate how magical realism's most distinguishing characteristic , the magic , functions . Relying mostly on the theories of Longinus , Burke , and Kant , as well as various contemporary eco -theorists , in this analysis I demonstrate how magical realism shares the characteristics of several different historical and contemporary usages of the sublime while conflating ontological binaries , dramatizing historical horrors , engaging with issues of nationhood , and embodying the debate about sublime place . en_US
dc.language.iso EN en_US
dc.publisher English en_US
dc.title The Magical Sublime : A New -old Lens On Magical Realism en_US
dc.type M .A . en_US


The Magical Sublime: A New-old Lens On Magical Realism. Available electronically from http : / /hdl .handle .net /10106 /534 .

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