Kachin Refugee Women's Work Identity: Narratives In Transition

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Title: Kachin Refugee Women's Work Identity: Narratives In Transition
Author: Wright, Christie Ann
Abstract: My work focuses on the Kachin women's experiences of work in the American workforce in comparison to their experience of work in Burma . Through in -depth interviews with twelve Kachin women in the North Texas area , I analyze the dynamics of migration and work at the intersection of gender and class . Their experiences are both shaped by their prior middle -class status of gendered spheres of paid and unpaid work and their work experiences and expectations in America . Subsequently , they mostly draw from homeland ideas of gendered ideologies because these ideals create and enhance both women's gender and class -statuses in Burma . The structure of work itself requires women to renegotiate how they will perform gender appropriately in the new context . Kachin women often re -establish prior views of gendered worlds as a way to continue gender status ; although they negotiate the way they perform these roles in different ways . Class status is also framed in a gendered manner of showing good manners by showing work as a way to take care of their family and bolster their status via work earnings . As gender and class status revolved around showing good manners in the home , Kachin working women in America have to re -map other avenues based on their current context . This often requires expanding prior conceptions of appropriate gender and class doings .
URI: http : / /hdl .handle .net /10106 /1059
Date: 2008-09-17


Kachin Refugee Women's Work Identity: Narratives In Transition. Available electronically from http : / /hdl .handle .net /10106 /1059 .

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