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Faculty Scholarly Works
Library Special Collections, Marine and Maritime Collection
ShoreNet: Beach, Shore, and Coastal Management Information
  • Facts about Stockholm's Tourism Industry 

    Unknown author (VisitStockholm.com, 2015)
    Sweden hosts millions of tourists each year. These tourists contribute significantly to the economic prosperity of the island nation.
  • Island of Ireland 2014 Facts and Figures 

    Unknown author (Tourism Ireland, 2015)
    The island of Ireland plays host to millions of tourists each year. The income from the tourism industry plays a significant role in the economy of Ireland.
  • Marseille Area Tourism Observatory 

    Unknown author (Ville De Marseille, 2014)
    Marseille is host to millions of tourists each year. The economic impact of the tourism industry plays a significant role in the prosperity of the city.
  • Beach Renourishment Project 

    Unknown author (Town of Hilton Head Island, 2016)
    The beach is the mainstay of the Island’s environment and economy, and is why thousands live here and millions more visit. In order to preserve our beach, an infusion of sand is needed along some of the coast to ensure the ...
  • City Report and Revised Action Plan Danang, Vietnam 

    Van Phat, Nguyen; Dinh Vinh, Tran (AUICK, 2010)
    Danang is one of the natural disaster prone cities in Vietnam and the years of storm impacts and erosion are starting to accelerate. The beaches are eroding at a pace of approximately 200 meters in just 10 years. There are ...

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