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    Publications, artifacts, and conference materials of the Laffite Society

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  • Stephen Curley Papers, 1939-2007 

    Curley, Stephen (1939-2007)
    Author and English faculty member at Texas A&M University at Galveston. Graduate of Fordham University (B.A.); and Rice University (Ph.D.) Contains subject and chronological files pertaining to the research for the book, ...
  • Aaron Robert "Babe" Schwartz Papers 

    Schwartz, Aaron Robert "Babe" (1967)
    Aaron Robert “Babe” Schwartz, Texas state senator, lawyer, and professor, was born to Russian immigrant parents in Galveston, Texas on July 17, 1926. Schwartz taught Ocean and Coastal Law at The University of Houston Law ...
  • The Red Record 

    Unknown author (Coast Seamen's Journal Print, 1897)
    This pamphlet presents a concise and vivid view of one phase of the American seaman's life. Considerations, not only of humanity, but of business expediency, as evidenced by the growing scarcity of seamen, demand public ...
  • Laffite Seminar 2014 videorecording 

    Laffite Society (Laffite Seminar 2014 (Galveston, TX, April 26, 2014), 2014-04-26)
  • Lafitte Seminar 2013 videorecording 

    Laffite Society (Laffite Seminar 2013 (Galveston, TX, March 8-9,2013), 2013-03-09)
  • Jacques Cousteau (left) and A.R. "Babe" Schwartz (center) at the dedication of the Texas A&M Oceanography Building in 1973 

    Unknown (1973)
    Jacques Cousteau (left) and Texas State Senator Aaron R. "Babe" Schwartz (center) at the dedication of the Texas A&M University Oceanography Building in College Station, 1973.
  • Greetings 

    Davis, Jack (Laffite Seminar 2013 (Galveston, TX, 8-9 March 2013), 2013-03-09)
    Recorded speech by Jack Davis welcoming attendees to the 2013 symposium.
  • Laffite Seminar 2013 

    --,-- (Laffite Seminar 2013 (Galveston, TX, 8-9 March 2013), 2013-03-09)
    Slides displayed at the 2013 Laffite Seminar
  • Jean Laffite in Galveston 

    Olsen, R. Dale (Laffite Seminar 2013 (Galveston, TX, 8-9 March 2013), 2013-03-09)
  • Donna Callenius Lang Collection 

    Lang, Donna Callenius (1991)
    Vice President for Academic Relations, Texas A&M University at Galveston (TAMUG). TAMUG Graduate (1988). Two volumes of photographs, news clippings, brochures, handouts and other memorabilia from the 1990 and 1991 Summer ...
  • William H. Hall Collection 

    Hall, William H (1973)
    Graduate of Texas A&M University (Ph.D., 1973); Faculty member at Texas A&M University, College Station and Galveston and University of Houston at Clear Lake. Voyage journal; photographs (slides and captions); class records ...
  • Galveston Bay Water Quality Survey Records, 1962-1976 

    -- (1976)
    An organization established by the Texas Water Pollution Control Board under the direction of the State Health Department and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to monitor water quality in the Galveston Bay area. This ...
  • Thomas L. Linton Collection 

    Linton, Thomas L (1988)
    Retired faculty from the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences, Texas A&M University, College Station; current faculty at Texas A&M University at Galveston in the Marine Resource Management graduate program. This ...
  • Donald E. Harper, Jr. Research Files 

    Harper, Donald E Jr (1999)
    Professor Emeritus and Head of Marine Biology at Texas A&M University at Galveston (1975-2006). The bulk of the collection consists of the records and gathered data from various research projects, studying the ecology of ...
  • F. Hermann Rudenberg Collection 

    Rudenberg, Frank Hermann, 1927-1994 (1994)
    Dr. Frank Hermann Rudenberg (1927-1994) was Associate Professor, Department of Physiology and Biophysics, School of Medicine and Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Texas Medical Branch, 1958-1994. These ...
  • Minutes 

    --, -- (Laffite Society, 1994)
    Included here are minutes of the meetings held by the Laffite Society, from 1994 to 2012
  • Environments and biological assemblages 

    Fisher, W.L.; McGowen, J.H.; Brown, L.F.; Groat, C.G. (University of Texas at Austin, Bureau of Economic Geology, 1972)
    Full color map with coding for subaqueous environments and assemblages, and subaerial environments and assemblages.
  • Environments and biological assemblages 

    Bacon, L.F.; Macon, J.W. (University of Texas at Austin, Bureau of Economic Geology, 1976)
    Full color coded map of the Corpus Christi region showing subaqueous environments and assemblages, and subaerial environments and assemblages.
  • Champ d'Asile; Report by Castaneda to Gov. Martinez 

    Kindall, Sheldon; translator; Castaneda, Juan de (2003-07)
    This is a second translation of an original in Spanish. The original translation that this translator was working with is described as a hard to read Zerox copy of a handwritten translation - translator not known. The ...
  • Wilsons honored by Laffite Society 

    Schaadt, Robert L. (The Vindicator (newspaper in Liberty, Texas), 2012-10-04)
    Members of the Laffite Society gathered at the Magnolia Ridge Country Club in Liberty to honor Dr. Reginald and Betty Wilson on September 29, 2012. Dr. Wilson is an expert on the life and times of the buccaneers Jean and ...

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