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  • Biological Effects of Ocean Disposal of Solid Waste 

    Gaines, A. G., Jr.; Saila, S. B.; Pratt, S. D.; Krout, J. E. (University of Rhode Island, 1973)
    This is the final report to the New England Regional Commission on a one-year research project on the biological effects of ocean disposal of solid waste. The problem area is extremely large, involving virtually all ...
  • Disposal in the Marine Environment: An Oceanographic Assessment 

    United States National Research Council Commission on Natural Resources Ocean Disposal Study Steering Committee (National Academy of Sciences, 1976)
    This study reviews and integrates scientific and technical information on ocean disposal to develop concepts for monitoring and regulating this practice. The objective is to provide, as a basis for EPA's future regulatory ...
  • Geological Considerations in Disposal of Solid Municipal Wastes in Texas 

    Leach, Carolyn H.; Turk, L.J.; Flawn, Peter T. (University of Texas at Austin, 1970-03)
    enviorIn past decades, science fiction (horror) writers used to spawn monsters from putrifying garbage dumps--usually the creature was catalyzed by a violent electrical storm acting on the rotting mass of waste. Our time ...
  • Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority: Making a Difference for Thirty Years 

    Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority (Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority, 1999)
    Company history.
  • Land Treatment of Wastewater: A Natural Alternative 

    United States Army Corps of Engineers (United States Army Corps of Engineers, 1980-09)
    No abstract available.
  • Open Dump Cleanup Project Helps Tribes Fight Waste 

    United States Environmental Protection Agency Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response (United States Environmental Protection Agency, 2003-03)
    No abstract available.
  • Partial Oxidation of Solid Organic Wastes 

    Shuster, William W. (United States Bureau of Solid Waste Management, 1970)
    A study has been made of the possibility of utilizing the organic content of solid municipal waste by reforming high molecular weight organic compounds into simpler compounds of economic interest. Major components of waste ...
  • Report to Congress on Ocean Dumping 1987-1990 

    United States Environmental Protection Agency Office of Water (United States Environmental Protection Agency, 1991-09)
    This Report to Congress, covering Calendar Year 1987 through Fiscal Year 1990, summarizes the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) activities in carrying out its responsibilities under Title I of the Marine Protection, ...
  • A Report to the Texas Water Quality Board on Galveston Bay Project Problem Areas 

    Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority - Planning Group (Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority - Planning Group, 1974-07)
    This report addresses the Problem Area Section (Task II-B-4) of the Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority-Texas Water Quality Board Contract. Primary Problem Area data was obtained from the Marine Science Institute in the ...
  • Toxic Waste Handbook: A Guide for the Citizen Detective in the Galveston County Area 

    Quay, Ray (Galveston County Toxic Waste Task Force, 1982-01)
    This handbook is one result of the Task Force's efforts and is designed to provide to the residents of Galveston County the information they need to understand the basic issue surrounding toxic waste: How do they maintain ...