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  • Citizen's Guide to Plastics in the Ocean: More Than a Litter Problem (Fourth Edition) 

    O'Hara, Kathryn; Iudicello, Suzanne; Zilligen, Jil (Center for Marine Conservation, 1994)
    This guide is intended to inform you - the concerned citizen, educator, researcher, or policy maker - of the origins and impacts of marine debris, provide detailed information on what is being done to combat the problem, ...
  • Disposal in the Marine Environment: An Oceanographic Assessment 

    United States National Research Council Commission on Natural Resources Ocean Disposal Study Steering Committee (National Academy of Sciences, 1976)
    This study reviews and integrates scientific and technical information on ocean disposal to develop concepts for monitoring and regulating this practice. The objective is to provide, as a basis for EPA's future regulatory ...
  • Report to Congress on Ocean Dumping 1987-1990 

    United States Environmental Protection Agency Office of Water (United States Environmental Protection Agency, 1991-09)
    This Report to Congress, covering Calendar Year 1987 through Fiscal Year 1990, summarizes the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) activities in carrying out its responsibilities under Title I of the Marine Protection, ...