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    • Evaluation of safety factors with respect to ocean disposal of waste materials. 

      Zapatka, T.F.; Hann, R.W., Jr. (Texas A&M University, 1976)
      Assessment of the risk and consequent environmental harm to the oceans is essential if ocean dumping is to be continued. The available literature, bioassay studies, and pertinent research concerning chronic effects and ...
    • History of ocean dumping in the Gulf of Mexico. 

      Hann, R.W., Jr.; Zapatka, T.F.; Zapatka, M.C.; Baskin, C. (Texas A&M University, 1976)
      The Gulf of Mexico has also been used as a dumping ground for the coastal states. Initially there was no control over dumping, but the Corps of Engineers was eventually given authority to overview this practice. Then in ...