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    W. Ellis Klett [1]
    W. Patrick Morris [1]
    warning systems [2]
    waste [1]
    waste discharge; wastewater; sewage disposal; wastewater treatment; water analysis; water pollution; eutrophication; dissolved oxygen (DO); pollution effects; sewage effluents; coliforms [1]
    waste disposal [10]
    waste disposal in ocean; environmental assessment; offshore oil industry; offshore gas industry; petroleum exploration; gas exploration; oil exploration; oil production; gas production; [1]
    waste disposal in the ocean [1]
    waste disposal in the ocean; environmental aspects; environmental impacts; marine pollution; waste; debris; plastic scrap [1]
    waste disposal sites [1]
    waste disposal sites; costs; legislation; ocean dumping; solid impurities; waste disposal ; environment management [1]
    waste disposal sites; ground water; water pollution; contamination [1]
    waste disposal; environmental legislation; litter; pollution [1]
    waste disposal; shipping; barges; berthing; anchoring; marine transportation [1]
    waste disposal; waste treatment; pollutants; habitat improvement; environmental management; land use; water quality; watersheds; wetlands; nutrients; water quality management; natural resources; marine ecology; environmental impact analysis [1]
    waste disposal; wastes; wastewater discharge; water quality; water quality control; pollution; water pollution; waste load; estuaries; modeling [1]
    waste dumping [1]
    waste load evaluation [3]
    waste load; chemical analysis; waste treatment [1]
    waste load; water pollution; wastewater [1]