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  • A revised list of euryhaline fishes. 

    Gunter, G. (, 1956)
    Most large rivers offer instances of marine fishes entering fresh water, and some fresh-water fishes invade the sea. The list of euryhaline fishes in North and Middle America given here is a revision of an annotated list ...
  • Revitalization of a northcentral Texas river, as indicated by benthic macroinvertebrate communities 

    Davis JR (, 1997 Mar 1)
    Macrobenthic communities were surveyed in 1987-88 as part of a comprehensive study of fish kills and water quality in the upper Trinity River. The purpose was to characterize macrobenthic integrity in relation to ambient ...
  • Rewards for tags. 

    Heffernan, T.L.; Matlock, G. (, 1978)
    More than $2,000 in cash rewards have been earned by Texas anglers for turning in fish tags to coastal fisheries biologists or to the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Laboratory at Galveston. A cooperative effort ...
  • Rice irrigation in Texas. 

    (University of Texas at Austin, 1902)
    No abstract available
  • Rigging and gigging for flounder. 

    Holland, J.S., Jr.; Crance, J.H. (Texas A&M University ., 1972)
    The advisory bulletin provides informative details on rigging and gigging for flounder along the Texas Gulf coast. Steps in making a gig are set forth. A good light is probably the most expensive piece of equipment needed ...
  • Riparian Forest Buffer Design and Maintenance 

    Hairston-Strang, Anne (Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forest Service, 2005)
    Riparian forest buffers (RFBs) are essential components of maintaining long-term stream and watershed health and resilience in the Chesapeake Bay region. RFBs also provide valuable ecological functions for wildlife habitat ...
  • Riprap Protection on Navigable Waterways 

    Maynord, Stephen T. (, 1984)
    No abstract available
  • The rising tide: global warming and world sea levels 

    Edgerton, L.T. (Island Press, 1991)
    This book outlines stat, national, and international actions to respond to the effects of sea level rise and global climate change on coastal communities and ecosystems. The analysis includes: Implications: What ...
  • Risk assessment and causes of subsidence and inundation along the Texas Gulf Coast 

    John M; Germiat SJ (, 1990)
    Analysis of tidal-gauge data from stations bordering the Gulf of Mexico indicate that the Texas Gulf Coast is sinking or submerging at a significant rate. This is attributed to a combination of eustatic sea-level rise and ...
  • Risk-Based Seismic Design Criteria for Lifelines 

    Whitman, Robert V. (American Society of Civil Engineers, 1974)
    This paper is a plea for a serious, major effort to apply benefit/risk analysis with regard to the anti-seismic design of engineered facilities. The paper discusses the obstacles to use of such analysis, describes in general ...
  • Risky Waste Disposal Practices Can Cost You Plenty - A Manager's Guide to Protecting Community Drinking Water 

    International City/County Management Association (United States Environmental Protection Agency, 2001)
    No abstract available.
  • River and Harbor Aid to Navigation System (RIHANS) Phase 1-C; System Definition. Volume I. System Description 

    Frye E; McLaughlin R; Dedich J; Laubengayer W; Sellers G (, 1973)
    The Coast Guard has initiated development of the River and Harbor Aid to Navigation System (RIHANS), an all-weather, short-range precision navigation system for use in harbors and harbor entrances. This report covers the ...
  • River and Harbor Aid to Navigation System (RIHANS) Phase 1-C; System Definition. Volume II. System Deployment 

    Frye E; McLaughlin R; Dedich J; Laubengayer W; Sellers G (, 1973)
    ;Contents: Service segment deployment; Service segment station locations; System performance capability. Portions of this document are not fully legible
  • River Discharge and Environmental Stress in Galveston Bay and the Guadalupe Estuary, Texas 

    Miller, C; Li, H-P; Roelke, D; Davis, S; Liu, K-J, Gable, G (Galveston Bay Estuary Program, Jan. 25, 2)
    Loading of nutrients and organic carbon affect many aspects of plankton communities, which include primary production, community respiration and microbial loop interactions. Furthermore, manipulation of inflows may serve ...
  • River Inflow Effects on Structure and Function of Two Texas Estuaries 

    Davis, SE; Roelke, DL; Li, HP; Liu, KJ; Pinckney, J; Quigg, A (American Geophysical Union, 2008)
    River inflow and nutrient loading to an estuary contribute greatly to estuarine water quality and ecosystem health, and in some estuaries, poor health, reduced productivity, and even losses of coastal wetlands have been ...
  • River input studies using continuous-series microecosystems 

    Cooper, David C. (The University of Texas, Marine Science Institute at Port Aransas, 1969)
    The basic objectives of this study are cited in the first quarterly report. In review, this primary purpose of this project is to assess the role of qualitative and quantitative variations in input on the synecological ...
  • River input studies using continuous-series microecosystems. 

    Cooper, David C. (The University of Texas, Marine Science Institute at Port Aransas, 1970)
    A group of six continuous-series microecosystems were constructed to simulate hydrological factors of estuarine regions. Exhanges and retention characteristics were adjusted to closely model the hydrological conditions of ...
  • River wins, for sedimental reasons 

    Byrnes P (Wilderness Society, 1993 Spri)
    Announces the Forest Service will not appeal the decision by US District Court Judge Lawrence Karlton against a fire timber sale in the South Fork Trinity River in California's Trinity National Forest. Background of the ...
  • Rivers and Streams 

    Woodward, Susan L. (Greenwood Press, 2003)
    Flowing waters, or the lotic environment, make up only 0.0001 percent of the world's water (Allan 1995). They present a unique set of conditions for life. The channelized water of a stream moves in one direction, downslope, ...
  • Rivers of Texas 

    Huser, V. (Texas A&M University Press, 2000)
    Texas rivers are described in four different geographical locations: border rivers, heart-of-Texas rivers, regional rivers, and Gulf Coast rivers. The rivers are described in reference to name and origin, size, location, ...