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    • Living on the edge: collected essays on coastal Texas. 

      Curley, S.; (Texas A&M University at Galveston, 1989)
      The Texas Gulf Coast is a patchwork of peoples, landscapes, and economies -- from the Chicanos of Brownsville and South Padre to the Cajuns of Beaumont and Port Arthur; from barrier islands to back-bay estuaries; from ...
    • Living Waters of the Chesapeake 

      United States Environmental Protection Agency; Chesapeake Bay Program (United States Environmental Protection Agency, 2000)
      System Requirements: 400 MHZ Pentium Computer with 64 megs of RAM or higher (PC only) For Teachers: We have included classroom activities about the Chesapeake Bay Watershed on the CD-ROM. To access the activities, click ...
    • Living with the Texas shore. 

      Morton, R.A.; Pilkey, O.H., Jr.; Pilkey, O.H., Sr.; Neal, W.J. (Duke University Press., 1983)
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    • Loading functions for assessment of water pollution from nonpoint sources 

      McElroy, A. D. (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Development, Office of Air, Land, and Water Use, 1976)
    • Local climatological data, annual summary with comparative, Galveston, Texas. 

      U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. (U.S. Government Printing Office., 1970)
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    • Local climatological data. 

      U.S. National Climatic Data Center. (U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Environmental Data and Information Service, National Climatic Center., 1979)
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    • Local efforts on Houston - Galveston navigation channels project pay off. 

      Environmental Outlook. (, 1990)
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    • Local Government Environmental Management System (EMS) Toolkit 

      American Public Works Association; International City/County Management Association (American Public Works Association, 2005)
      The American Public Works Association (APWA) and the International City/County Management Association (ICMA), with support from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), hosted a webcast called "Environmental Management ...
    • Local Governments Protecting Wetlands 

      Durham, Christy M. AICP (Galveston Bay Estuary Program, 2003)
      In the winter of 2001, the Houston-Galveston Area Council received two grant opportunities to work with local governments to protect wetlands. The first grant was received from the Texas General Land Office to aid the City ...
    • Local subsidence of the Goose Creek oil field 

      Pratt, W.E.; Johnson, D.W. (The University of Chicago Press, 1926)
      In 1918, Gailard peninsula, the center of the Goose Creek Oil Field, on Galveston Bay, began to subside. The geology of the field and the nature of the subsidence are discussed. It is concluded that subsidence was caused ...
    • Localization of DDT in the body organs of pink and white shrimp. 

      Nimmo, D.R.; Wilson, A.J., Jr.; Blackman, R.R. (, 1970)
      Shrimp collected from bays along the Texas and Florida coasts were exposed to low concentrations of DDT. The accumulated residues were compared with residues in natural populations. The DDT was found to localize in the ...
    • Localized corrosion under biofouling. 

      Griffin, R.B.; Cornwell, L.R.; Seitz, W.; Estes, E. (, 1989)
      A 1019 steel, 6061-T6 aluminum and types 304, 316, 430, and 446 stainless steel were immersed for three years in a seawater test site near Galveston, Texas. Data are reported for both uniform and pitting corrosion rates ...
    • Localized plankton blooms and jubilees on the Gulf coast. 

      Gunter, G.; Lyles, C.H. (, 1979)
      The writers describe various small types of plankton blooms such as those occurring in boat slips, the head of a large bayou and a strip type bloom of Chaetoceras on the Gulf beach. Oyster kills from poison water draining ...
    • Location of the Mississippi Sound Oyster Reefs as related to salinity of bottom waters during 1973-1975 

      Eleuterius, Charles K. (Gulf Coast Research Laboratory, Physical Oceanography Section, 1975)
      The relationship of producing natural oyster reefs of Mississippi Sound to the salinity regime of bottom waters is investigated. Extreme and average conditions were extracted from data taken at 87 stations over a 21-month ...
    • Lockheed vessel traffic system accepted for operational use. 

      Sea Technology (, 1977)
      The U.S. Coast Guard has accpted Lockheed Electronics' Vessel Traffic Data Acquisition and Control System (VT-DACS) for operational use in monitoring all ship traffic in the Houston/Galveston, Texas area. Believed to be ...
    • Locomotion evoked by stimulation of the brain stem in the Atlantic Stingray, Dasyatis sabina. 

      Livingston, C.A.; Leonard, R.B. (, 1990)
      The primary pathway descending to the spinal cord to initiate locomotion in the stingray is located in the intermediate to ventral portion of the lateral funiculus; a second pathway is located in the dorsolateral funiculus. ...
    • Long Range Planning in Electric Utility Systems 

      Sawey, Ronald M.; Zinn, C. Dale (University of Texas at Austin Department of Mechanical Engineering, 1973-06)
      A mathematical model (linear mixed integer program, using the OPHELIE Mixed algorithm for solution) is formulated for long range planning in electric utility systems. The model provided construction expansion and approximate ...
    • A Long Time Coming 

      Bryant, Pat (Institute for Southern Studies, 1982)
      This article discusses the historical grassroots efforts by citizens in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana to fight corrupt government officials, state and federal agencies that were not listening to the needs of the citizens, ...
    • The long-range plan of water supply for the City of Houston, Texas. 

      Brown and Root, Incorporated (Brown and Root, Incorporated, 1959)
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