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    wetlands; plant populations; surveys; aquatic plants [1]
    wetlands; policies; management [1]
    wetlands; programs; financing; environmental protection [1]
    wetlands; restoration; creation; oyster reefs; smooth cord grass; coastal erosion [1]
    wetlands; restoration; dredging; erosion; subsidence; salt marshes; biological production; levees; sediment analysis; sediment sampling [1]
    wetlands; restoration; enhancement; levees; dredge material; spartina alterniflora [1]
    wetlands; restoration; salt marshes; spartina alterniflora; halodule wrightii; erosion; subsidence; aerial photography; vegetation cover; hydraulic engineering; terraces; smooth cord grass [1]
    wetlands; salt marshes; wetland creation; dredge material; dredging; seabirds ; baseline studies [1]
    wetlands; sea grass; estuaries; computers [1]
    wetlands; sediment texture; sediment analysis; geochemistry; deltas; barrier islands; benthos; marine invertebrates [1]
    wetlands; sediments; geochemistry; benthos [1]
    wetlands; surveys; procedures; natural resources; freshwater wetlands [1]
    wetlands; tidal effects; coastal zone; tidal analysis; sea level changes [1]
    wetlands; vegetation cover; plant utilization; plant populations; marshes; salt marshes; habitat improvement [1]
    wetlands; vegetation; identification [2]
    wetlands; water quality; coastal ecology [1]
    wetlands; waterfowl [1]
    wetlands; wetland conservation; wetland ecology; pollution; water; environmental aspects; coastal development; residential; industrial; cleanup; demographics; coastal zone management [1]
    wetlands; wetland creation; wetland enhancement; wetland restoration [1]
    wetlands; wetland ecology; aquatic plants; Agronomy; crops; pasture; biology; marshes; wildlife; management; soils; salinity; marsh grazing; swampland; engineering; drainage; levees, borrow pits, drainage channels, walkways, wildlife impoundments; range; classifications, hazards, management, cattle operations, ecological site descriptions, interpretations; soils; interpretations, surveys, descriptions of soils, kinds of soil maps; woodlands; general description; practices [1]