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    white shrimp [21]
    white shrimp; blue shrimp; striped mullet; power plants; survival; stocking; salinity; yield; distribution; size; water quality; pesticides [1]
    white shrimp; Penaeus setiferus; brown shrimp; environmental impact; malathion; marshes; pesticides [1]
    white shrimp; Penaeus setiferus; brown shrimp; Penaeus aztecus; parasites; hosts; Prochristianella penaei [1]
    white shrimp; Penaeus setiferus; penaeid shrimp; abundance; shrimp; catch rates; central texas coast; gulf waters; linear regression analysis; valuable commercial fishery; economic [1]
    white shrimp; Penaeus setiferus; pond culture; organism morphology; synopsis; taxonomy; ecological distribution [1]
    white shrimp; Penaeus setiferus; ponds; aquaculture; brackishwater aquaculture; pond culture; growth; survival [1]
    white shrimp; Penaeus setiferus; population characteristics; marking; migrations; seasonal distribution [1]
    Wichita Falls, Texas [1]
    widgeon grass [2]
    wildlife [3]
    wildlife and fisheries sciences [1]
    wildlife gardening [1]
    wildlife habitat [1]
    wildlife survey [1]
    wildlife; natural resources; resource conservation; wildlife management; environmental impact; government policy; flooding; flood control; flood plains; wetlands; channels; habitat; watersheds [1]
    wildlife; wildlife management; recreation; coastal zone; coastal zone management; conservation; resource management; coastal fisheries; environmental legislation; barrier islands [1]
    wind energy [1]
    wind power; energy resources; renewable resources; winds [1]
    wind resistance [1]