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    waste management; landfills; public contracts; sanitary landfills; refuse; refuse disposal [1]
    waste prevention [1]
    waste reduction [5]
    waste remediation [1]
    waste treatment [2]
    waste treatment methods [1]
    waste treatment; dissolved oxygen (DO); hydrology; wastewater discharge; modeling; nonpoint source pollution; wastewater; water quality; water pollution; water quality control; water resources [1]
    waste treatment; watersheds; environment management; census; pollution [1]
    waste utilization; management; legislation; refus; refuse disposal; waste management [1]
    waste water treatment [1]
    waste water; wastewater treatment; sediment analysis; distribution; waste disposal ; irrigation; legislation; procedures; nitrogen cycle; wastes; water balance; wetlands; water filters; permits; records; pumps; maintenance [1]
    waste; waste disposal in the ocean; plastic scrap; marine pollution; environmental aspects; environmental effects [1]
    wastes [3]
    wastes ; watersheds; biochemical oxygen demand (BOD); suspended particulate matter; nitrogen; ammonia [1]
    wastes; estuaries [1]
    wastes; hazardous materials; industries; bays; toxicants; toxicity [1]
    wastes; legislation; hazardous materials; waste disposal; programs; hazardous wastes; refuse; refuse disposal [1]
    wastes; waste disposal ; pollutants; marine resources; public health; industrial wastes; sludge; sea water; dredge spoil; marine environment [1]
    wastes; waste disposal; land use; geology; coastal zone [1]
    wastes; waste load; agricultural pollution; runoff; climatic changes; levees; flood control; wastewater discharge; water quality; models; field measurements; waste treatment; fish kill; water quality control [1]