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    inlets; hydraulics; dredging; hydrology; ecological balance; tidal inlets; shoaling [1]
    innovation [1]
    input-output models [1]
    insecticides; marine environment; pollution effects; ecology; aquatic animals; microorganisms; marine fish; shellfish; aquatic plants; literature reviews [1]
    insurance liability [1]
    intergovernmental relations and the role of the citizen [1]
    interindustry analysis [1]
    international relations [2]
    International Year of the Ocean [1]
    interstate commerce [1]
    intertidal environment; tidal flats; biological surveys; birds [1]
    Intracoastal Waterway [1]
    invasive species [1]
    invasive species; management plans; nuisance species [1]
    invasive species; medusa; Phyllorhiza punctata von Lendel-Feld (1884) [1]
    inventories; aerial surveys; biological surveys; data collections; migrations; tagging; migratory species; waterfowl [1]
    inventories; legislation; resources; beaches; beach profiles [1]
    inventories; water quality; fisheries; economics; navigation; biology [1]
    Invertebrata: Animals,Invertebrates; Pisces: Animals,Chordates,Fish,Nonhuman Vertebrates,Vertebrates;Pollution Assessment Control and Management; Toxicology;shellfish [Invertebrata]; fish [Pisces];surface water;surface water habitats;tributyltin;[07512] Ecology: environmental biology - Oceanography;[07514] Ecology: environmental biology - Limnology;[10069] Biochemistry studies - Minerals;[22506] Toxicology - Environment and industry;[34000] Invertebrata;[34000] Invertebrata,Animalia [85200] Pisces,Vertebrata,Chordata,Animalia;[37015] Public health - Air,water and soil pollution;[64002] Invertebrata: comparative,experimental morphology,physiology and pathology - Protozoa;[85200] Pisces; [1]
    invertebrate ecology [1]