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    • CDM: Partners in Creating Cities of the Future 

      CDM (Camp Dresser & McKee, Inc., 2006)
      The "CDM: Partners in Creating Cities of the Future" DVD, produced as a companion to the CDM-sponsored PBS special, "Edens Lost & Found," profiles three examples of the firm's efforts across the United States to revitalize ...
    • The Phenology of Commercial Penaeid Shrimp in Galveston Bay 

      McFarlane, Robert W. (Galveston Bay Estuary Program, 2003)
      Understanding of the structure and function of an estuarine ecosystem, such as Galveston Bay, may be enhanced by the simultaneous consideration of all of the nine major estuaries in Texas. These estuaries reflect the ...
    • Sustainable Education with an Environmental Focus 

      Weiser, Brenda (Galveston Bay Estuary Program, 2003)
      As an educator, I bring to the 2003 SOB symposium the Earth Charter, a global plan of action for sustainable education as it relates to development. However, strategy is only as good as solid implementation. This year ...