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    • Texas port facts book. 

      Texas A&M University, Center for Marine Resources. (Texas Coastal and Marine Council, 1977)
      This report was developed as a background document to help fulfill the requirements of Senate Concurrent Resolution 269 of the 64th Legislature, directing the Texas Coastal and Marine Council to develop a comprehensive ...
    • Texas Ports and Natural Environmental Issues 

      Rice Center for Community Design and Research (Rice Center for Community Design and Research, 1977-03)
      No abstract available
    • Texas ports study. 

      Research and Planning Consultants, Incorporated (Research and Planning Consultants, Incorporated, n. d.)
      No abstract available
    • Texas project focuses on plants for shoreline erosion control. Grasses. 

      Davis, A.G.; Bell, A.L. (, 1975)
      No abstract available
    • Texas Railroads: An Evaluation 

      Texas Transportation Institute (Texas A&M University, 1977-05)
      This is a summary report highlighting the work completed [by the Texas Transportation Institute through 1977].
    • Texas Range of Gulf of Mexico Sea Turtles (five species) 

      U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (, 1992)
      No abstract available
    • Texas recreational boating facilities database, 1991. 

      Hollin, D. (Texas A&M University, Sea Grant College Program, 1991)
      A list of boating facilities with 10 or more wet slips either constructed or under development as of July 1991 is provided. Data is presented as follows: (1.) # of slips is the number of wet slips at the time of the survey. ...
    • Texas recreational boating facilities database, 1992. 

      Hollin, D. (Texas A&M University, Sea Grant College, 1992)
      This list of boating facilities includes only those facilities that have 10 or more wet slips or dry storage units either constructed or under development as of July 1992. Data is presented as follows: 1) the number of ...
    • Texas recreational boating facilities database. 

      Hollin, D. (Texas A&M University Sea Grant College Program., 1987)
      No abstract available
    • The Texas reef shell industry. 

      Kerr, A.M. (University of Texas, Bureau of Business Research., 1968)
      A review in broad outline of the past, present, and future of the shell-dredging industry on the Texas coast, an industry that supplies raw materials to the burgeoning chemical industry, with background information on the ...
    • Texas rigs to reefs. 

      Larson, D.W. (, 1990)
      No abstract available
    • Texas river and coastal basins: segment identification maps. 

      Texas Department of Water Resources (Texas Department of Water Resources., 1980)
      No abstract available
    • Texas sea trials of turtle excluder devices 

      Texas Sea Grant and the Marine Advisory Service (Texas Sea Grant Television Productions, 1990)
      Presents results of trials conducted over a period of 3 years on various types of turtle excluder devices used by the shrimp-fishing industry.
    • Texas Seashore Boundary Law: The Effect of Natural and Artificial Modifications. 

      Dinkins, Carol Eggert (Texas Law Institute for Coastal Marine Resources, 1972)
      Texas seashore boundary law has developed quite slowly over the past century. This article emphasizes Texas statutory and case law and discusses rules of other states to show their treatment of boundary alterations. ...
    • Texas shells. 

      Andrews, J. (University of Texas Press., 1981)
      No abstract available
    • Texas shore protection 

      U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Galveston District (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Galveston District., 1981)
      This brochure was prepared by the Galveston District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to provide information on the causes of shore erosion and the possible solutions to shore erosion problems. It is intended for use ...
    • Texas Shoreline Change Project. Gulf of Mexico Shoreline Change from Brazos to Pass Cavallo 

      Gibeaut, J.C.; White, W.A.; Hepner, T.; Gutierrez, R.; Tremblay, T.A.; Smyth, R.; Andrews, J.L. (, 2000)
      No abstract available
    • Texas shoreline changes. 

      Seelig, W.N.; Sorensen, R.M. (, 1973)
      Discusses loss of 18,000 acres of Texas land in past 100 years due to decreased sediment input and increased deltaic storage in conjunction with associated forces removing sediment from the coastal zone.
    • Texas Shoreline. 

      Texas A&M University Sea Grant Program. (Texas A&M University Sea Grant Program, 1991)
      Many articles are included in this newsletter. The articles concern topics such as beach pollution, water filtration systems, Women in the Seafood Industry, the Texas General Land Office cleanup campaign, news briefings, ...
    • Texas Shores -- the [Galveston] Bay (Volume 33, Number 1, Spring 2000) 

      Evans MC; Broussard AC; Texas Sea Grant (, 2000)
      A question of quality (Galveston Bay)