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    • Texas drought: its recent history. 

      Riggio, R.F.; Bomar, G.W.; Larkin, T.J. (Texas Water Commission., 1987)
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    • Texas droughts: causes, classification and prediction. 

      Carr, J.T., Jr. (Texas Water Development Board., 1966)
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    • Texas Economic Outlook 

      Redwine, Augustin (Ports and Waterways Conference, 1996-06)
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    • Texas Energy Development Fund: The Plan 

      Texas Energy Advisory Council (Texas Energy Advisory Council, 1977-12)
      Volume II describes the procedures for administering the Fund: submission and solicitation of proposals, evaluation and selection of proposals by an impartial group of technical experts, the disbursement of contracted ...
    • Texas Energy Development Plan 

      Texas Energy Advisory Council (Texas Energy Advisory Council, 1977-12)
      The Texas Energy Development Act of 1977 creates the Energy Development Fund "to support research in and development of solar, geothermal, lignite, biomass, wind, conservation and other alternative abundant energy resource ...
    • Texas energy outlook: the next quarter century. 

      Texas Governor's Energy Advisory Council. (Texas Governor's Energy Advisory Council., 1977)
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    • Texas Energy Scenarios 

      Finch, R. D.; Hahn, Harriet; Holloway, M. L.; Kelly, J. S. (Texas Governor's Energy Advisory Council, 1975-01)
      This report presents four scenarios of the future of energy in the State of Texas. The first case is a Baseline Scenario which projects the future as it might have appeared during the relatively stable period from 1967 to ...
    • Texas Energy: Flows, Forecasts, and Policy Implications 

      University of Houston Energy Institute (University of Houston Energy Institute, 1974)
      Texas Energy is essentially a report on Texas energy supply and demand. It contains surveys of the historical and forecast energy flows which show the complexity and magnitude of the energy problems that Texas must solve. ...
    • Texas environmental almanac: Second edition 

      Sanger, M.; Reed, C. (University of Texas Press, 2000)
      This book is an environmental road map of the state of Texas. It draws on various sources which include state and federal agencies, scientific publications, publications from nationally renowned environmental organizations, ...
    • Texas environmental industry guide 

      (Austin Publishing Company, Incorparated, 1990)
    • Texas environmental law handbook 

      Baker, Debra L., Eva M. Fromm, and Charmaine Aarons Holder (Government Institutes, Incorporated, 1989)
    • Texas estuaries and water resource development projects. 

      Diener, R.A. (Texas A&M University., 1964)
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    • Texas facts: The book on profitable plant locations. 

      Suniga, R.L.; Newell, C.H. (Texas Industrial Commission, Research and Program Development Department., 1978)
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    • Texas fish families with suggested references for identification of species. 

      Briggs, J.C. (, n.d.)
      Texas fish families are given in systematic order together with a common name and the number of species that are known from the state. Useful literature is also referenced.
    • Texas fisheries: managing for the future. 

      Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Fisheries Division (, 1973)
      This pamphlet describes the roles of the 5 branches of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Departments, Fisheries Division. The branches are: 1) the Inland Fisheries Branch, which monitors and manages the freshwater resources ...
    • Texas freshwater fish assemblages following three decades of environmental change 

      Anderson AA; Hubbs C; Winemiller KO; Edwards RJ (, 1995)
      In 1953, C. Hubbs and colleagues surveyed fishes from a large number and variety of freshwater habitats throughout the state of Texas. Thirty-three years later, he replicated sampling at 129 of these sites within the Red, ...
    • Texas General Land Office 

      Freytes, M. (, 1974)
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    • Texas General Land Office and the Environment - Record of Responsibility and Achievement 

      Texas General Land Office (Texas General Land Office, 1998)
      This brochure describes programs and practices of the Texas General Land Office that safeguard the renewable natural resources in Texas public lands - submerged lands in bays and the Gulf of Mexico, bordering wetlands and ...
    • Texas General Land Office programs in Galveston Bay. 

      Mauro, G. (, 1990)
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    • Texas group fights flood-control plan for city of Dallas 

      (National Wildlife Federation, 1998 Jan)
      Presents information on the Texas Committee on Natural Resources (TCONR) an their efforts to persuade the city of Dallas and the United States Army Corps of Engineers to rely on voluntary buyouts and relocation in relation ...