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    • Movement, growth, and survival of spotted seatrout tagged in Bastrop Bayou, Texas. 

      Baker, W.B., Jr.; Matlock, G.C.; McEachron, L.W.; Green, A.W.; Hegen, H.E. (, 1986)
      During February 1976-November 1981, 2040 spotted seatrout (Cynoscion nebulosus) were caught for tagging with hook and line at Bastrop Marina on Bastrop Bayou in the Galveston Bay system. The subsequent tag return rate was ...
    • Movements and Submergence Patterns of Kemp's Ridley Turtles 

      Renaud, Maurice L. (, 1995)
      No abstract available
    • The movements of a marine copepod in a tidal lagoon. 

      Show, I.T., Jr. (, 1979)
      It has been hypothesized that marine copepods are able to react to water movements in an estuary in such a way as to minimize advective losses to the open ocean. The model is used to describe the movements of Acratia tonsa ...
    • The movements of a marine copepod in a tidal lagoon. Workshop on Wetland and Estuarine Processes and Water Quality Modeling; New Orleans, LA (USA); 18 Jun 1979 

      Show IT; ISBN 0-306-40452-4 Hamilton P; Macdonald KB (, 1979 197)
      The hypothesis that marine copepods are able to react to water movements in an estuary in such a way as to minimize advective losses to the open ocean is developed mathematically and tested by use of a stochastic model. ...
    • Movements of the White Shrimp, Penaeus setiferus, from Copano Bay 

      Wyatt, Bruce (Texas Game and Fish Commission, 1959)
      Objectives: To determine the migration habits, growth, and size groups of white shrimp present in Copano and Aransas Bays.
    • Moving Along the Trinity 

      (, 1993)
      No abstract available
    • Moving the Laffite Society publications from CD to the Web 

      Wiest, Natalie (2012-05-22)
      This working document guides users inputting back issues of serial publications to the Online Journal System of the Texas Digital Library. Texas Digital Library uses DuraSpace to create its web presence. Document created ...
    • MTBE movements between Texas Gulf Coast plants to be enhanced 

      Anon (, 1992)
      Texas Eastern Products Pipeline Co. (Teppco), Houston, has begun construction of its 'shuttle' pipeline, a 10-mile, 6 and 8-in. line to move methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) between producers and refiners along the Houston ...
    • Much Ado About Muck 

      Jacobson L (National Journal Group, Inc., 1999 Feb 2)
      Focuses on the dredging project directed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers at the Houston Ship Channel in Texas. Cost of the project; Economic impact of the port; How the project could enhance the competitiveness ...
    • Multi-purpose telescopic boom crane 

      Conteh, Sanfa S.; Gould, Dwayne; Ragasa, Ferdinand; Conteh, Lamin S.; Sene, Saliou (2012-06-01)
      The Goal of our Project is to design a crane that serve the purpose of both lifting cargoes on and off a vessel, and also as a gangway to transfer personnel from one vessel to another.
    • A multiparameter oil pollution source identification system 

      Miller, John W. (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Monitoring, 1973)
      The feasibility of oil pollution source identification is demonstrated on eighty crude oils from the world's major oil fields. Measurements of fifteen diagnostic parameters were made on the 600+F fraction of the crude oil ...
    • Multiple reserve requirements, exchange rates, sudden stops and equilibrium 

      Wang, Wen-Yao; Hernandez-Verme, Paula (2009-03)
      We model a typical Asian-crisis-economy using dynamic general equilibrium techniques. Meaningful exchange rates obtain from nontrivial demands for flat currencies. Sudden stops/bank-panics are possible, and key for evaluating ...
    • Multiple Use of the Gulf of Mexico 

      Bybee, H.H. (Continental Oil Company, 1971-01)
      The three principal users of the Gulf of Mexico, the Oil and Gas, Fishing and Shipping Industries generate employment for thousands of people on and around the Gulf of Mexico. The Oil and Gas Industry, the newcomer to the ...
    • Municipal Guide for Shoreland Zoning 

      University of Maine at Orono Environmental Studies Center; University of Maine Shoreland Zoning Project (University of Maine at Orono, 1973-03)
      The following material is designed for use by Maine municipalities where minimal or virtually no activity has been undertaken to comply with the requirements of the Shoreland Zoning Law. It should be noted that both ...
    • Municipal Wastewater Reuse - Selected Readings On Water Reuse 

      United States Environmental Protection Agency Office of Water (United States Environmental Protection Agency, 1991-09)
      This document contains reprints of the following articles from the Water Pollution Control Federation's Water Environment & Technology Journal.
    • Muskrats on the Texas coast. 

      Lay, D.W.; O'Neill, T. (, 1942)
      Approximately 260,000 acres of marshland on the southeastern Texas coast between Galveston Bay and Louisiana (Fig. 1) yield an annual crop of muskrat pelts which in at least one recent season (1939-40) exceeded 350,000. ...
    • Mutagenic assessment and correlation of Houston air particulate samples. 

      Walker, R.D. (University of Texas Grad. School of Biomedicine Science at Galveston., 1979)
      No abstract available
    • Mysidacea from continental shelf waters of the northwestern Gulf of Mexico. 

      Price, W.W.; McAllister, A.P.; Towsley, R.M.; DelRe, M. (, 1986)
      Eight species of Mysidacea were collected from continental shelf waters off Texas and Louisiana. Siriella thompsonii, Anchialina typica, Amathimysis brattegardi, Pseudomma heardi and Mysidopsis furca are recorded from the ...
    • The Mysidacea of Galveston Island. 

      Price, W. (, 1974)
      Mysidacea were collected from the West Bay near-shore area and the seaside beach of Galveston Island at monthly intervals from February, 1971 through January, 1972. Samples were made with a 5-foot beam trawl with netting ...