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    • Marine meteorology of the Gulf of Mexico, a brief review 

      Leipper, Dale F. (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 1954)
      Meteorological phenomena of the Gulf of Mexico are reviewed, circulation and average weather conditions are also discussed.
    • Marine microbiology. 

      Zobell, C.E. (Chronica Botanica., 1946)
      No abstract available
    • Marine occupations in the Texas coastal zone. 

      McKinnerney, B. (Texas A&M University, Sea Grant Program., 1973)
      No abstract available
    • Marine Ostracoda 

      Tressler, Willis L. (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 1954)
      Distributional and ecological notes are provided for the 56 species of marine ostracods known from the Gulf of Mexico. Nineteen additional species from the West Indies, Caribbean Sea, and adjacent areas are also listed. ...
    • Marine plastic debris action plan for Washington State 

      Marine Plastic Debris Task Force (Washington State Department of Natural Resources, 1988)
      This report shows the effort by the Marine Plastic Debris Task Force (MPDTF) to develop an action plan in the state of Washington. It discusses how this effort was modeled by those of Texas Land Commissioner Gary Mauro, ...
    • Marine resources activities in Texas. 

      Texas A&M University, Texas Engineering Experiment Station. (Texas A&M University; Industrial Economics Research Division., 1969)
      Texas is deeply concerned with the marine environment. In spite of this, the State of Texas does not have a department or agency solely responsible for the coordination and development of marine related resources. Analysis ...
    • Marine Resources: The Industrial View 

      Texas A&M University Sea Grant Program (Texas A&M University Sea Grant Program, 1969)
      Workshop publication
    • Marine science affairs - A year of plans and progress. The second report of the President to the Congress on marine resources and engineering development. February 1968. 

      National Council on Marine Resources and Engineering Development (National Council on Marine Resources and Engineering Development, 1968)
      This report is an account of policies, programs, and accomplishments of the Federal Government for utilizing the oceans more effectively in meeting goals and aspirations of our Nation. The report highlights opportunities ...
    • Marine Shoreline Design Guidelines 

      Johannessen, J; MacLennan, A.; Blue, A.; Waggoner, J.; Williams, S.; Gerstel, W.; Barnard, R.; Carman, R.; Shipman, H. (Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, 2014)
    • Marine Toxicity Identification Evaluation (TIE): Phase I Guidance Document 

      United States Environmental Protection Agency Office of Research and Development (United States Environmental Protection Agency, 1996-09)
      The Marine Toxicity Identification Evaluation (TIE): Phase I Guidance Document focuses on methods for characterizing toxicity associated with discharges to marine waters including effluents and receiving waters. Its purpose ...
    • Marine Toxins: Adverse Health Effects and Biomonitoring with Resident Coastal Dolphins 

      Irwin, L-J (, 2005)
      Ecotoxicologic studies of marine environments are complex. Expanding knowledge should take into account toxicology, ecology, biology, medicine, and global as well as local anthropogenic disturbances of ecosystems. These ...
    • Maritime Administration's Formulation of a Maritime Energy and Clean Emissions Program 

      Gore DJ (American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2002)
      The Environmental Protection Agency promulgation of 'Control of Emissions of Air Pollution from New Marine Compression Ignition Engines at or above 37 kW,' on December 29, 1999, marked the first time federal air pollution ...
    • The maritime and railroad interests of Charles Morgan, 1837-1885: a history of the 'Morgan Line'. 

      Baughman, J.P. (Tulane University, 1962)
      No abstract available
    • Mark and recovery estimates of fish populations in three heated reservoirs of Texas. 

      Yeh, C.F. (Texas A&M University., 1971)
      Estimates of fish populations in Lake Bastrop, Lake Nasworthy and North Lake, Texas were made by mark and recapture techniques. The lakes were divided into four, seven and three strata, respectively. Fish capture in each ...
    • Mark-recapture experiments with brown and white shrimp in the Northern Gulf of Mexico. 

      Klima, E.F. (Bureau of Commercial Fisheries., 1963)
      Mark-recapture experiments with commercial shrimps were conducted in the northern Gulf of Mexico during 1962. Results provided information on movements of subadult and adult brown and white shrimp off Texas and Louisiana, ...
    • Mark-recapture studies of penaeid shrimp in Texas, 1978-1979 

      Cody, T.J.; Avent, R.M. (Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Coastal Fisheries Branch, 1980)
      As a part of the MEXUS-GULF Shrimp Tagging Program in the western Gulf of Mexico, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and National Marine Fisheries Service conducted 10 mark-recapture studies to determine movement and ...
    • Mark-recapture studies of penaeid shrimp in Texas, 1978-1980 

      Cody, T.J.; Fuls, B.E. (Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Coastal Fisheries Branch, 1981)
      The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and National Marine Fisheries Service conducted 14 mark - recapture studies to determine movement and growth of penaeid shrimp along the Texas coast. All shrimp were tagged with ...
    • Marking of Sport-fishing Reefs 

      Leary, Terrance R. (Texas Game and Fish Commission, 1959)
      Fifty fiber glass buoys were purchased and were allotted to the different bay areas along the coast as requested by the field biologists. Forty-three of the buoys were placed on good fishing areas, usually oyster reefs, ...
    • Marsh creation from dredged material - a case study 

      Koenig, Tracey (Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission, 1997)
      The Interagency Coordination Team established by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, was charged with the oversight of a range of environmental issues attendant upon the proposed Houston-Galveston Navigation Channels, Texas ...
    • Marsh Fever 

      Allen, Cindy and Larry Bostian (Institute for Southern Studies, 1982)
      This article discusses the historical efforts in the coastal states to control mosquitos.