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    • Handbook of Texas Water Law: problems and needs. 

      Kaiser, R.A. (Texas A&M University, Texas Water Research Institute., 1987)
      Texas is blessed with a bountiful supply of water, although it is not always in the right place at the right time, nor of the right quality. Water has been the most crucial resource for the state's economic development. ...
    • The handbook of the Odessa project for resources recovery 

      Standord, Geoffrey (Environic Foundation International, 1974)
      Our program aims to beautify our city, to make its environs more attractive, and to restore the eroded rangeland back to something like its original prairie condition. We are proposing to do this by methods which will ...
    • Handbook of turtles. 

      Carr, A. (Comstock Publishing., 1952)
      Although quite outdated, this field guide still provides useful information on the turtles of the United States. The volume includes detailed descriptions, distribution maps, photographs and identification keys.
    • Handling and tagging survival or hook-caught spotted seatrout held in cages. 

      Hegen, H.E.; Matlock, G.C.; Green, A.W. (, 1982)
      Spotted seatrout (Cynoscion nebulosus) (253-401 mm total length) captured by hook and line during June - September 1981 in seven Texas bays were held in wire cages for 7 days to estimate the survival of handled and tagged ...
    • Hang on, pelican. 

      Laycock, G. (, 1974)
      Both mainland subspecies of the brown pelican were put on the endangered species list in 1970. The outlook was gloomiest along the Louisiana coastline, and the story was scarcely better in Texas. Then from the Pacific ...
    • Harnessing the Sea to Overcome Soil Erosion 

      Hydracor International, Inc. (1991-11-19)
    • Harnessing The Sea to Overcome Soil Erosion 

      Hydrocor International, Inc. (Hydrocor International, Inc., 1991)
      Underwater "foundation soil" supporting the "footings" of a substructure are a critical component in the maintenance of the stability of the structure. Establishing the sensitivity of these soils to erosion is an important ...
    • Harris County. 

      Texas General Land Office. (Texas General Land Office., 1940)
      This map depicts property titles dating back to the early 1800's.
    • Harris-Galveston Coastal Subsidence District 

      Unknown author (1979)
      Pamphlet describing subsidence issues in the Galveston-Harris County area.
    • Harris-Galveston subsidence district created to 'end' subsidence 

      WAGONER E (, 1976 Jun)
    • Harvest by Texas headboat fishermen during September 1982-May 1983 

      McEachron, L.W.; Campbell, P.; Meador, K. (Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Coastal Fisheries Branch, 1984)
      Twelve Gulf and 9 bay headboats (>10 people/boat) in three Texas coastal areas were surveyed from 1 September 1982 to 14 May 1983. The Gulf headboat harvest was approx. 415,000 fish; the majority (85%) were red snapper ...
    • Harvest estimates for Texas marine charter boats September 1980-August 1981 

      McEachron, L.W. (Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Coastal Fisheries Branch, 1983)
      Gulf snapper headboats (>10 people/boat) were surveyed from September 1980-August 1981 and bay headboats and bay and Gulf party boats were surveyed during summer (June-August 1981) only. Species composition of catch varied ...
    • Harvest estimates for Texas marine charter boats, (1978-1982). 

      McEachron, L.W. (, 1984)
      The Texas marine charter boat industry was surveyed by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department during 1978-1982 to estimate harvest by Gulf headboat fisherment during September-August for 3 years to estimate fish harvest ...
    • Harvest of shrimp by Texas sport fishermen, 1973 

      King, B.D., III (Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, 1973)
      In early 1974, a postal recall survey of 12.5% of Texas' licensed sport shrimp fishermen was conducted to determine the seasonal and geographical distribution of their harvest during 1973 and to compare the sport shrimp ...
    • Having you Cake and Eating It Too: How Building a Great City can Best Preserve out Natural Areas 

      Jacob, JS (Galveston Bay Estuary Program, Jan. 25, 2)
      Urban planning can aid habitat preservation directly in a number of ways: zoning, impact fees, transfer of development rights, etc. But building a better city itself might be the most effective conservation planning tool ...
    • Hawaii's Ocean Resources Management Plan 

      Hawaii Office of Planning, Coastal Zone Management Program (Hawaii Office of Planning, Coastal Zone Management Program, 2013-07)
    • Hazard Awareness Guidebook: Planning for What Comes Naturally 

      Davenport, Sally S.; Waterstone, Penny (Texas Coastal and Marine Council, 1979-10)
      The Guidebook grows out of a national Hazard Awareness Workshop held in Corpus Christi, Texas, March 22 and 23, 1979. The goal of the sponsors of the Workshop, Texas Coastal and Marine Council and Natural Hazards Research ...
    • Hazardous Materials: A Plan for the Transportation, Storage, and Emergency Response 

      City of Galveston Committee to Study the Transportation of Hazardous Materials (City of Galveston, 1983)
      This document provides a summary of the Committee's findings and recommendations. This first chapter provides a background brief on the situation and the rationale for the Committee's formation. In addition, the Committee's ...
    • Hazardous waste reduction through process change at Oxychem's Pasadena, Texas plant 

      Kachtick, James W. (Galveston Bay National Estuary Program, 1993)
      In 1987, Occidental Chemical Corporation instituted a program called OxyMin. The objective of this program was the systematic reduction in hazardous waste, toxic air emissions, and water pollutants in each of its chemical ...
    • Hazards - Coastal Erosion 

      Unknown author (Florida Department of Environmental Protection, 2012)
      Florida's shoreline attracts visitors from all over the world. This natural environment is in danger of being lost forever. Research is undeniable and the efforts must be put into place in order to maintain this natural beauty.