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  • How late is it for Galveston Bay? 

    Lay, D.W. (, 1989)
    No abstract available
  • How Much More Will Houston Sink? The Disturbing Problem of Land Surface Subsidence 

    Marshall, A. Frank, Jr. (Houston Engineering and Scientific Society, 1973)
    This paper documents the amount of land subsidence in the Galveston Bay area which has resulted from extensive ground water pumping. Attempts are made to predict the future degree of subsidence.
  • How representative are the estuaries nominated for EPA's national estuary program? A preliminary assessment. 

    Klein, C.J., III; Biggs, R.B. (U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Strategic Assessment Branch, Ocean Assessments Division, Office of Oceanography and Marine Assessment, National Ocean Service, 1988)
    This report provides a relative classification of 82 U.S. estuaries and their susceptibility and status to pollution and highlights the eighteen systems under consideration for inclusion in EPA's National Estuary Program. ...
  • How safe are septic tanks? 

    Texas Water Resources (Texas Water Resources Institute, 1986)
    No abstract available
  • How successful is mitigation? 

    Redmond, A. (, 1992)
    No abstract available
  • How to Build Storm Resistant Structures 

    American Wood Preservers Institute; National Forest Products Association; Southern Forest Products Association (Southern Forest Products Association, 1970)
    Homes and buildings which best withstand hurricane winds and tides generally fall into threes categories:-1) High ground locations, 2) Elevated pole-frame systems, 3) Secure achorage and fastenings from foundation to roof ...
  • How to create and nurture a nature center in your community 

    Evans, R.; Chipman-Evans, C. (University of Texas Press, 1998)
    The purpose of this book is to enable more communities and individuals to create natural sanctuaries and share them with neighbors. This book gives examples of nature centers around the United States, lists resources for ...
  • How to know the freshwater fishes. 

    Eddy, S. (William. C. Brown and Company, 1957)
    This field guide contains illustrated keys for identifying all the fresh water fishes of the United States and many marine forms which often enter fresh water.
  • How to Live with an Island 

    Pilkey, Orrin H., Sr.; Pilkey, Orrin H., Jr.; Turner, Robb (North Carolina Department of Natural and Economic Resources, 1975)
    We now know a great deal about islands and beaches, how they evolve and how man can affect them. It seems that much of this knowledge, gained with a couple of thousand years of recorded shoreline experience doesn't permeate ...
  • How to make medium 

    Ray, Sammy M (2011)
    Description of how to create media for the culturing of dermocystidian marinum in oysters.
  • How we got the dirtiest stream in America 

    ECKHARDT B (, 1971 SPRI)
  • How we got the dirtiest stream in America. 

    Eckhardt, B. (, 1971)
    The two sources of pollution of the Houston (Texas) Ship Channel are city sewage and industrial wastes, in almost equal magnitude. The political and legal aspects of the water pollution of the Houston Ship Channel are evaluated.
  • How Will Changes in Freshwater Inflow (Frequency versus Magnitude) Impact the Ecosystem Health of Galveston Bay? 

    Thronson, AM; Hsiu-Ping, L; Davis, SE; Roelke, DL; Quigg, AS (American Geophysical Union, 2008)
    With a rapidly expanding urban population in Texas coastal municipalities, water regulators and managers are faced with the challenge of meeting human needs, potentially by freshwater diversions, while maintaining critical ...
  • How You Can Help Galveston Bay 

    Galveston Bay Foundation (Galveston Bay Foundation, 2000)
    No abstract available. Promotional brochure for Galveston Bay Foundation.
  • HSC 2000 (Draft) Review by HOGANSAC 

    (, 1995)
    No abstract available.
  • Huge 'extras' request clouds Texas project 

    (McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., 1995 Mar 2)
    Reports on Williams Brothers Construction Co.'s request for an additional $58 million to construct a cable-stayed bridge over the Houston Ship Channel at Baytown, Texas. Submission of draft request to Texas Department of ...
  • Human adjustment to the hurricane flood hazard on the Texas coast. 

    Davenport, Sally D. (University of Texas at Austin, 1976)
    New directions must be taken in man's adjustment to the hurricane hazard. Recent research convincingly documents the need for redirected emphasis in human reaction to the natural hazards of the coast. Efforts to halt the ...
  • Human growth - An Essay on Growth, Values and the Quality of Life 

    Cleveland, Harlan; Wilson, Thomas W., Jr. (Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, 1978)
    This essay resulted from an Aspen Institute seminar, during the summer of 1977, in which 45 people from eight countries and 33 professions tried to figure out what was wrong with the "growth ethic" and what its successor ...