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    • The herpetology of the coastal prairie region of Texas. 

      Brown, B.C. (University of Michigan., 1955)
      A survey of the reptiles and amphibians of the Coastal Prairie Region of southeast Texas was made to determine how the distributions of individuals and species are related to physiographic, geologic, edaphic, climatic, and ...
    • Hidden Costs of Coastal Hazards 

      H. John Heinz III Center for Science, Economics, and the Environment (Island Press, 2000)
      This report is dedicated to decisionmakers - both policymakers and planners - who are interested in learning about the categories of costs and risks associated with weather-related coastal hazards. This audience includes ...
    • High bridges over shallow waters? Philosophy at the edge of the Gulf. 

      Gadow, G. (Texas A&M University at Galveston, 1989)
      This chapter explores the possibility that living a life of the mind is at least as essential a part of human life as building concrete bridges. The problems of the Texas coast are not viewed as a welcome puzzle for a ...
    • The High Cost of Drinking Water 

      Jensen, Ric (Texas Waters Resources Institute, 1990)
      When it comes to human health, there are no easy choices. It is difficult to endorse anything that provides less than optimal levels of protection against contaminants. In the case of drinking water, factors need to be ...
    • High degree of connectivity among amphi-Atlantic populations of Hermodice carunculata (Amphinomidae, Annelida) 

      Ahrens, Joseph; Borda, Elizabeth; Campbell, Alexandra; Schulze, Anje (2012-06-01)
      Polychaete annelids in the genus Hermodice exhibit an amphi-Atlantic distribution extending into the Gulf of Mexico as well as the Caribbean and Mediterranean Seas. Currently, this genus contains two nominal species; H. ...
    • High island gathering system nears completion. 

      Seaton, E. (, 1980)
      The High Island Gathering System (HIGS), a multidiameter crude and condensate pipeline system will connect seven fields in the High Island South Addition and High Island East Addition South Extension to an on-shore metering ...
    • High Island Quadrangle. Texas. 

      U.S. Geological Survey. (U.S. Geological Survey., 1978)
      A topographic map accurately represents the natural and manmade features of the land. USGS topographic maps are compiled to National Map Accuracy Standards using modern mapping techniques. The shape and elevation of the ...
    • High tech 'sausages' and coconuts help wage war on shoreline erosion. 

      Bonham, K.; Uhrich, M. (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Galveston District, 1992)
      A project in Galveston and Brazoria counties was awarded March 20 to King Fisher Marine Service, Inc. of Port Lavaca. The project is designed to introduce different dredging techniques and various types of erosion control, ...
    • High water data-Clear Creek, Sim's, Bray's, Big Vince, Cypress Creek, Carpenter's Green's, and Buffalo Bayous. 

      Harris County Flood Control District. (Harris County Flood Control District., 1968)
      A listing of statistics on high water and flooding in Clear Creek, Sim's, Bray's, Big Vince, Cypress Creek, Carpenter's, Green's, and Buffalo Bayous.
    • High-level radioactive waste disposal investigations in Texas. 

      Smith, R.D. (Texas Energy and Natural Resources Advisory Council., 1983)
      No abstract available
    • High-resolution Houston ship channel ADCP and CTD survey -- model-data intercomparisons 

      Schmalz R; Texas Sea Grant (, 2000)
      The National Ocean Service (NOS) has developed a prototype nowcast/forecast system to predict water level and currents within Galveston Bay and the Houston Ship Channel. NOS has continued the development and application ...
    • High-tech vapor recovery training. 

      Durrenberger, R. (, 1993)
      The Center for Marine Training and Safety Division at Texas A&M University at Galveston (TAMUG) employs its training barge to train industry rookies and advanced tankermen the full gamut of barge operations, placing an ...
    • Highland Bayou, Texas, (flood protection). 

      U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Galveston District (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers District., 1971)
      The project involves enlargement and rectification of the natural bayou channel and diversion of flows from the upper part of the watershed through an artificial channel. This project will provide desirable improvements ...
    • Highland Bayou, Texas, flood control. Design Memorandum No. 1 

      U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Galveston District (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 1971)
      No abstract available
    • Highlands Quadrangle. Texas - Harris Co. 

      U.S. Geological Survey. (U.S. Geological Survey., 1983)
      A topographic map accurately represents the natural and manmade features of the land. USGS topographic maps are compiled to National Map Accuracy Standards using modern mapping techniques. The shape and elevation of the ...
    • Highlights of the development of manufacturing in Texas, 1900-1960. 

      Caldwell, E.L. (, 1965)
      No abstract available
    • Highlights: Recreational Fishing Use of Artificial Reefs on the Texas Coast 

      Graefe, Alan R.; Ditton, Robert B. (Texas Coastal and Marine Council, 1978)
      This study sought to determine the extent to which the Liberty Ships were used for fishing during 1977 by the population of fishermen residing in the eight-county area surrounding Houston and Galveston.
    • Highways, Preferences, and Ordinances: How to protect the Scenic Resources of the Texas Coastal Zone 

      Mills, LV (Galveston Bay Estuary Program, Jan. 25, 2)
      Texas has the fourth longest coastal zone in the country and it is vitally important for national energy interests, fishing, the petrochemical industry and tourism. Texas has a strong private property ethic which is codified ...
    • Historic leasing and infrastructure 

      U.S. Minerals Management Service; U.S. Department of the Interior (U.S. Minerals Management Service, Gulf of Mexico Outer Continental Shelf Regional Office, 1988-89)
      No abstract available
    • The Historic Seacoast of Texas 

      McComb, DG (University of Texas Press, 1999)
      The Gulf Coast of Texas has drawn people ever since nomadic Indian tribes sought sustenance in the coastal lagoons and marshes. Spanish and French explorers shipwrecked on these shores, while settlers in the nineteenth ...