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    • Conference in the matter of pollution of the navigable waters of Galveston Bay and its tributaries. 

      U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency., 1972)
      The conference includes statements and discussion data on the matter of pollution of the navigable waters of Galveston Bay and its tributaries with specific reference to the Houston Ship Channel, in 1972.
    • Conference on Research Related to Wichita Falls Tornado - Summary Report 

      Minor, Joseph E.; Mehta, Kishor C. (Institute for Disaster Research, Texas Tech University, 1979-06)
      This report outlines the briefings presented at the conference and summarizes written comments submitted by others. It also contains the names and addresses of contributing participants and of non-attendees who expressed ...
    • Conference sessions: environmental trade fair and conference, Austin convention center 

      Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission (Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission, 2000)
      Volume 1 and 2 of this report compiles papers presented or discussed at this conference. Topics discussed include: basic air permitting, grandfathered permitting, who needs a permit, permit application and renewal tips, ...
    • Confirmed presence of neurotoxin-producing diatom around Galveston, Texas 

      Fryxell, G.A., M.E. Reap, D.L. Roelke, L.A. Cifuentes, and D.L. Valencic (Galveston Bay National Estuary Program, 1991)
      No abstract available
    • Conflicting interests and the biological control of weeds 

      Andres, L.A. (, 1980)
      The inability to predict the impact of an introduced biological control agent against naturalized or native plants has stalled biological control projects against naturalized and native weeds. Lack of accurate information ...
    • Conflicting uses of Galveston Bay 

      Galveston Bay National Estuary Program (Galveston Bay National Estuary Program, 1991)
      Discusses the different uses of Galveston Bay. A representative from the Audubon Society describes the conflicting uses of the bay, such as waste disposal and fishing. Also discussed is how certain parts of the bay have ...
    • Conflicts in water resources planning. 

      Gloyna, E.F., and W.S. Butcher; Conflicts in Water Resources Planning. Water Resources Symposium Number 5. (University of Texas, Center for Research in Water Resources, 1972)
      No abstract available
    • Confronting climate change in the Gulf Coast region: prospects for sustaining our ecological heritage 

      Twilley, Robert R. (Union of Concerned Scientistis; Ecological Society of America, 2001)
      From Texas to Florida, the gulf coast region is rich with ecological resources that support the regions economic wealth. Over time, human activities from dam construction or shoreline development have dramatically altered ...
    • Conjoined twin adult shrimp (Decapoda: Penaeidae) 

      Williams AB (, 1988)
      A two-headed roughback shrimp, Trachypenaeus similis (Smith) was caught at the entrance to Galveston Bay, TX. The specimen is composed of two cephalothoraxes (heads) perfectly aligned with the median sagittal plane and ...
    • Connecting Yards to the Bay: A Watersmart Landscaping Partnership 

      LaChance, Christina M. (Chris) (Galveston Bay Estuary Program, 2003)
      Runoff from residential and commercial landscapes is one of the major causes of pollution in our bayous and bays. In addition, during the summer months, these same landscapes consume fifty per cent of municipal water ...
    • Conoco technology curbs production pollution. 

      Million, C.L. (, 1973)
      Aspects of pollution prevention programs for oil companies are described. One approach is to determine and grade the pollution risks associated with major subsystems of an overall production system from wellhead to the ...
    • Conroe, Texas. 

      U.S. Geological Survey. (U.S. Geological Survey., 1985)
      This is a 30 X 60 minute quadrangle showing: elevation in meters; highways, roads and other manmade structures; water features; woodland areas; and geographic names.
    • Conservation and reuse are in. 

      Josephson, J. (, 1977)
      Episodes of sinking subdivisions in Baytown, Tex., and in the Houston-Galveston area led to formation of a Coastal Subsidence District to set fees and curtail groundwater use. The board is also forcing industry and utilities ...
    • Conservation Benefits of Mangroves 

      The World Conservation Union (The World Conservation Union, 2006-10)
    • The Conservation of Marine and Coastal Biodiversity 

      Marquard, Dr. Elisabeth (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, 2016-04-22)
    • Conservation of Wetlands in India: A Profile 

      Government of India (Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India, 2007-02-02)
    • Conservation strategy for migrating species. 

      Myers, J.P.; Morrison, R.I.G.; Antas, P.Z.; Harrington, B.A.; Lovejoy, T.E.; Sallaberry, M.; Senner, S.E.; Tarak, A. (, 1987)
      No abstract available
    • Conservation vs. Community 

      Jacobs, Jon (Institute for Southern Studies, 1982)
      This article discusses the controversy between land rights and conservation in Harris Neck, Georgia.
    • Conserving America’s Fisheries 

      Charbonneau, Joseph John; Caudill, James (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 2010-09)
    • Consideration of Estuarine Freshwater Inflow Needs in Water Management of Lower Colorado River, Texas 

      Martin, Quentin W. (, 1997)
      The Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) manages the surface waters of the lower Colorado River in Texas. This report discusses the Water Management Plan for the Highland Lakes chain of reservoirs in Central Texas regarding ...