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    Atlantic stingray; Dasyatis sabina; amino acids [1]
    Atlantic stingray; Dasyatis sabina; central nervous system; neurophysiology; marine fish; biochemical analysis [1]
    Atlantic stingray; Dasyatis sabina; marine fish; neurophysiology [2]
    Atlantic stingray; Dasyatis sabina; neurophysiology [1]
    Atlantic stingray; Dasyatis sabina; neurophysiology; marine fish [2]
    Atlantic stingray; Dasyatis sabina; neurophysiology; marine fish; eyes [1]
    Atlantic stingray; Dasyatis sabina; swimming; neurophysiology; marine fish [1]
    Atlantic stingray; marine fish; Dasyatis sabina; neurophysiology [1]
    Atlantic Threadfin; Polydactylus octonemus; population dynamics; reproduction; reproductive behavior; migrations; natural history; life history; nursery grounds; spawning [1]
    atlas [1]
    Atlas -- Texas [1]
    atlas -- Texas [1]
    atlases; coastal zone; data; oceanographic data; estuaries ; inventories; biological surveys; physical environments; biotic environments; living marine resources; economic activity; environmental quality; jurisdictions; coastal ecology; gulf of mexico; coastal zone management; land use; maps; charts; diagrams; marine biology; marine pollution; marine resources; oceanography; seashore biology [1]
    atlases; environmental factors; meteorology; geography; physical properties; coastal zone management; maps [1]
    Atlases; environments; Geology [1]
    atlases; government policy; land conservation; agricultural pollution; wetlands; forest industry; coastal zone management; air quality; acid rain; water quality; solid waste; hazardous wastes; energy resources; recreation; wildlife; economic aspects; resource conservation; environmental legislation [1]
    atlases; water; water analysis [1]
    atlases; wetlands; estuaries; inventories [1]
    atmospheric deposition [1]
    atmospheric fine particulate matter: environmental contaminant,pollutant; organic carbon mass; organic fine particulate matter: molecular composition;Pollution Assessment Control and Management;[37015] Public health - Air,water and soil pollution; [1]