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    resources for disaster relief [1]
    resources; botany; botanical resources [1]
    resources; coastal zone management; Coastal zone; political aspects [1]
    resources; conservation; coastal zone; government policy; environmental legislation; natural resources; environment management; coastal zone management [1]
    resources; conservation; management; estuaries; monitoring ; planning [1]
    resources; inventories; flooding; engineering; watersheds [1]
    resources; land use; vegetation cover; rainfall; soils; agriculture; climate [1]
    resources; land use; water use; water resources; water management [1]
    resources; management; oceanography; habitat improvement; resource management [1]
    resources; natural resources [1]
    resources; resource development; canals; environmental impact; environmental effects; development projects [1]
    resources; statistics [1]
    respiration; estuaries; biological production; photosynthesis; species diversity [1]
    restoration; conservation ; estuaries [1]
    restoration; wetlands; habitat; degradation; estuarine; estuary; estuarine area conservarion; estuarine ecology; restoration ecology; management; case studies; planning [1]
    restricted waterways [1]
    results of department programs; research and monitoring; three finfish species; commission; regulations; legislation; procedures; improving fishery; management; finfish resources; spotted seatrout; red drum; black drum; sheepshead; economically important species; saltwater finfish [3]
    retail industry [1]
    revegetation [1]
    revetment [1]