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    reservoirs; paleontology; sedimentation; Tylosaurus proriger [1]
    reservoirs; rivers; sediments; sediment analysis; turbidity [1]
    reservoirs; rivers; water supply; water resources; water use [1]
    reservoirs; water supply; water use; river basins; irrigation; mining; coastal zone; estuaries; inflow; fresh water; methodology; water resources; hydroelectric power plants; environmental factors [1]
    reservoirs; watersheds; dams; flood control; floods [1]
    RESERVOIRS;RIVERS - Sedimentation;Sedimentation;SOILS - Conservation;Texas; [1]
    Resolution Trust Corporation [1]
    resort evolution; history; littoral; morphological; environmental aspects; seaside resorts; geography; coastal recreation; shoreline armoring; wetlands; dredging [1]
    Resouce Conservation and Recovery Act [1]
    resource availability; resources; environmental significance; evaluation [1]
    resource conservation; boating; recreation; data collections [1]
    resource conservation; natural resources; resource management; natural history; environmental protection; nature conservation [1]
    resource conservation; natural resources; resources; resource management; estuaries; bibliographies [1]
    resource conservation; pollution control; waste disposal; water quality; environmental monitoring; municipal government; government policy; factory and trade waste; refuse and refuse disposal; air quality management; environmental policy [1]
    resource development; development projects; marine transportation; economic analysis; navigational channels; channel maintenance; economics; legislation; planning; navigation; environmental impact; cost analysis; engineering [1]
    resource development; geothermal energy; natural resources; water temperature [1]
    resource development; natural resources; marine resources; marine sciences; oceanography; education; fishery resources; mineral resources; recreation; coastal zone [1]
    resource development; regional planning; economic analysis [1]
    resource development; resources; water resources; resource conservation; natural resources; resource management; land use; economic analysis; recreation [1]
    resource development; water resources; resource management; resource use; fresh water; estuaries [1]