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    population density; census [1]
    population density; census; statistics [1]
    population density; finfish; entangling nets; hydrology; meteorological data; catch statistics [1]
    population dynamics [6]
    population dynamics; gillnets; biological age; growth; black drum; Pogonias cromis; length-weight relationships [1]
    population dynamics; oysters; Crassostrea virginica; spat; mortality; oyster fisheries; Dermocystidium marinum; fungal diseases; catch statistics [1]
    population dynamics; penaeid shrimp; pink shrimp; white shrimp; brown shrimp; Penaeus aztecus; Penaeus setiferus; Penaeus duorarum; brown shrimp; ecological distribution; juveniles; trawl nets; seine nets; life history; shrimp fisheries [1]
    population fluctuation [1]
    population growth [2]
    population growth; texas coast; coastal waters; pressure for agricultural, industrial and domestic uses of coastal resources; food and recreational activities; accomplishments of coastal fisheries plan [1]
    population migration [1]
    population number; population characteristics; prediction [1]
    population number; population dynamics; population density [1]
    population structure [1]
    population study [1]
    population survey [35]
    population surveys [1]
    population; biology [1]
    population; cultures; tagging; resource management; report literature; brown shrimp; Penaeus aztecus; white shrimp; Penaeus setiferus; growth; shell dredging; spotted seatrout; Cynoscion nebulosus; black drum; Pogonias cromis; sheepshead; Archosargus probatocephalus; southern flounder; Paralichthys lethostigma; sand seatrout; Cynoscion arenarius; atlantic croaker; Micropogon undulatus [1]
    populations dynamics [2]