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    oysters; reproduction; spat; spawning; physiology [1]
    oysters; research programs; data collections; aquatic environment; environmental surveys [1]
    oysters; salinity gradients; cooling ponds; power plants; oyster culture; Crassostrea virginica; dissolved oxygen (DO); temperature gradients; larval settlement; fouling organisms [1]
    oysters; salinity gradients; mortality; oyster culture [1]
    oysters; season regulations [1]
    oysters; Serratia marcescens [1]
    oysters; sewage treatment; pollution; surveys; sampling [1]
    oysters; shellfish; marine molluscs; check lists; biogeography [1]
    oysters; shellfish; pollution effects; bibliographies; mussels [1]
    oysters; shells; chemical analysis; Crassostrea virginica; American oyster [1]
    oysters; shells; economics; dredging; natural resources [1]
    oysters; shells; environmental factors; oyster reefs; dredging; environmental aspects; oyster shell [1]
    oysters; spat; oyster culture; seed collection; larval settlement [1]
    oysters; spat; spawning; reefs; oyster reefs; oyster drills [1]
    oysters; stock assessment; oyster reefs; oyster fisheries; predation; fungal diseases; oyster drills; stone crab; seed; spat; larval settlement; mortality; survival [1]
    oysters; Vibrio vulnificus; bacteria; Crassostrea virginica [1]
    ozone [1]
    ozone; atmospheric chemistry; meteorology; air pollution; climate changes; air quality [1]
    P 2000 FRESHWATER POLLUTION;Planning;Q5 01505 Prevention and control;River Flow;River water;Runoff;SW 3070 Water quality control;USA;water;Water quality; [1]
    Pacific salmon -- identification [1]